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Pure Raw Yemeni Sidr Jujube Honey (250g)

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Yemen sidr honeyis one of the most sought out honeys in the world due to its delicate taste and limited availability. The beekeepers themselves are your average everyday natives who have mastered the art of beekeeping and harvesting honey. We believe that is why YemeniSidrHoneyis that much more precious.  The unique color, taste and aroma of sidr honey makes it stand out from your average honey on the market. Every spoonful has a trace of beautiful tradition that will keep you connected to the deep roots of Yemen, its inhabitants and wondrous land.

The sidr tree has been around for centuries and is known by various names such as:

Arabic - sidr (السدر)
Biblical - Christ’s Thorn
English - Jujube, lote tree, and lotus tree
Botanical Name - Ziziphus, Spinachristi, Ziziphus jujube

The Sidr tree has been sought out for more than just its honey. The use of its leaves, bark, and flowers have gifted people various medicinal and beauty benefits . The leaves mixed with warm water were used to treat swelling of the eyes and bloating of the stomach. Similarly, the leaves were crushed and mixed with hot water to create a foamy consistency to be used as an herbal shampoo to rid dandruff and a natural exfoliant body scrub.  Of course, for decades, harvesting honey from the precious flowers of the old historic sidr tree is the most revered method.

Our Sidr Honey is sourced from the historic lands of Yemen from the Sidr Tree. The sidr tree can be found in other parts of the world such as India, Pakistan, Sudan, and Ethiopia - However, the Yemini Sidr tree has become more sought out for its honey due to its superior quality and traditional harvesting methods. The beekeepers of Yemen use traditional methods of harvesting from the Sidr flower and delicately preserve every bit of its precious honey.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews

      My kids really enjoy this honey which is a win as they're normally quite fussy. Love the texture mashAllah. Only wished it came in a bigger size

      H.H. (Manchester, GB)

      Was the first product I have bought from here and I'm not disappointed one bit. Will insha'Allah will buying more.

      Amazing products.

      Purchase with confidence. Amazing quality. Great customer service. Keep up the good work. Will be ordering again soon.

      A.I. (Slough, GB)

      Good all over

      M.R. (Glasgow, GB)
      Sidr Honey

      Amazing. So potent. One of the best honeys i have tried. Alhumdu Lillah..

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