• Product Overview

    The most powerful honey in our pure manuka honey range. With an MGO rating of 800+, this monoflower honey packs a punch. It is full of live enzymes, potent bio-actives, and plant-based nutrients that promote good health.

    Made by bees that feed on the nectar of manuka flowers, native to the serene forests of New Zealand, and harvested gently using cold extraction, this premium-grade honey is delicious and full of natural goodness.

    MGO 800 + Manuka Honey is high-strength honey that is very versatile - you can add it to food and beverages, or you can apply it directly to the skin to reap its full benefits.

    Size: 250 G

    Sweetness: Mild to Medium, depending on the season

    Colour: Dark Cream to Dark Brown

    Texture: Thick, Rich, and Smooth


    Is Raw Manuka Honey Better?

    Raw honey is better than regular (processed) honey. During processing, regular honey is exposed to heat or filtered. That can rob it of some of its natural content, thereby reducing its potency.

    Raw honey comes straight from the bee comb. It is unprocessed with a high pollen content, live enzymes, and natural concentrates. That makes raw honey a healthier choice.

    Manuka honey is rare specialty honey. It has a unique nutrient profile and antioxidant benefits. It has a higher concentration of bioactive compounds that give it its powerful antimicrobial and antimicrobial properties.

    The best way to reap the full benefits of manuka honey is to go for raw manuka honey.

    Is a Spoonful of Manuka Honey Good for You?

    Studies found that taking a spoonful of manuka honey can be very good for our heart health. It contains natural antioxidants, phenols, and vital nutrients, all of which keep us in good health.

    Manuka honey has also been studied for its effect on skin health and our overall metabolism, especially the immune system.

     Since it contains simple sugars, a spoonful of manuka honey is equal to an instant energy boost. So if you’re feeling sluggish, just reach out for the honey jar.

    Is Manuka Honey Really Worth It?

    Yes - because of its natural benefits and miraculous properties, manuka honey is worth it. This holds especially if you’re looking for the right kind of honey to include in your skincare routine.

    Raw manuka honey contains natural compounds that have many benefits for the skin. It moisturizes the skin, protects it from germs, and helps it heal from within.

    High-grade varieties of raw manuka honey showed some promise in the treatment of skin ailments including dryness, acne, and eczema because of its antimicrobial properties.

    Raw manuka honey was also found to improve dental hygiene. It reduces the buildup of plaque, disinfects the mouth, and reduces the risk of gum disease.

  • Taste

    What Does Manuka Honey Taste Like?

    Our MGO 800+ is rich and creamy honey with a complex taste. It has a medium sweetness to it coupled with floral notes and hints of caramel. The aftertaste is clean, earthy, and pleasantly bitter.

  • Origin

    Sourced from the lush forests of New Zealand

    MGO Rating:

    This premium quality manuka honey has an MGO rating of 800 +

    At Nature’s Blends, we independently test every batch of honey for quality assurance. This step helps us keep up our promise of bringing you the finest nature has to offer.

    The result? A wholesome jar of honey that comes straight from the beehive.

    About MGO & UMF

    MGO and UMF are two different honey grading systems. Both measure the levels of some of the compounds that make manuka honey special and give it its unique properties.

    Both the indicators can help you determine what kind and strength of honey would best serve your purpose.

    Both MGO and UMF indicate the quality and potency of raw manuka honey but there are some main differences between the two.

    MGO stands for methylglyoxal, the main active compound that makes manuka honey special and gives it its curative properties. The MGO number indicates the levels of methylglyoxal present in manuka honey. That’s why it’s used as an indicator of quality. The higher the MGO rating, the better the quality of the honey.

    UMF or Unique Manuka Factor is another way to measure the strength of manuka honey. This grading system takes into account the levels of other compounds in addition to the levels of methylglyoxal. The UMF is an indicator of the quality as well as purity of manuka honey.

    Is MGO or UMF Better?

    Both MGO and UMF measure different things so they cannot be directly compared. Both can be useful in determining the potency and quality of manuka honey.

    What Level of Manuka Honey is Best?

    Premium high strength manuka honey (with higher MGO or UMF values) is loaded with methylglyoxal, which gives it its antimicrobial properties.

    Raw high-strength manuka honey is better for therapeutic use, topical application, and cosmetic purposes since it is more potent.

    If you are taking manuka honey for health reasons, using medium-grade honey might work best for you

    Milder table grade varieties are suitable for everyday consumption.:

    • Table grade (UMF 5-UMF 10) - ideal for daily consumption, include in your health chart, beverages, salads or take it raw
    • Moderate grade (UMF 10 - UMF15) - is called the ‘therapeutic grade’ and is suitable for short-term consumption
    • Higher grade manuka honey (UMF 15- 25)- with higher MGO and UMF readings can be used for skincare (wound healing, skin therapy, etc

    MGO and UMF - Parity Chart

     MGO and UMF measure different things but there’s still a relationship between their values. This rough parity chart based on estimated values can help you pick the right potency of honey:

    • UMF 5 = MGO83
    • UMF10 = MGO263
    • UMF15 = MGO514
    • UMF20 = MGO829
    • UMF25 = MGO1200

    *This jar of Pure Manuka Honey by Nature’s Blends has an MGO count of 800+ and is best suited for cosmetic, skin therapy and health uses.


    The manuka tree is a short evergreen shrub that grows only in New Zealand. In the summertime, the tree briefly blooms into sweet-scented flowers that attract local bees.

    The manuka bush is tough and resilient. It is commonly known as the New Zealand Tea Tree. It has been growing in the region for thousands of years.

    The Manuka tree symbolizes strength and sustenance. It has long been a source of medicine for the local Maori people who still use its bark, honey, and other extracts to make traditional medicine.

    Beekeeping soon caught on as an essential skill, an art, and a way of life in the native forests. Soon, manuka honey gained fame due to its rarity and healthful properties.

    That’s how manuka honey went from being a local specialty to a healthy breakfast staple. It is cherished around the world due to its healthful properties and complex flavor.

  • Benefits

    What is so Special About Manuka Honey?

    Teeming with bio-actives, antioxidants, and friendly enzymes, manuka honey is the perfect companion for your health journey. It contains phenols and vital nutrients that energize the body, restore our inner balance and promote well-being.

      • Uses

        How to Take Manuka Honey?

        Manuka Honey MGO 800 + by Nature’s Blends is specialized honey with potent antimicrobial properties that have been studied in depth.

        Our raw manuka honey is packed with natural goodness and contains no artificial additives or sweeteners.

        If you’re looking for premium quality honey to apply to your skin or include in your beauty regimen, MGO 800+ is for you. Apply it to the skin or use it to make organic face masks and scrubs for smooth and baby soft skin.

        You can also use our manuka honey on an everyday basis. Add it to meals, salads, and smoothies to re-energise yourself after a busy day or intense workout.

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      R.F. (Glasgow, GB)
      Manuka Honey 800+

      Perfect soft blend of the best honey in the world. So healthy, so good for the body.

      R.F. (Paddington, GB)
      Manuka Honey 800+

      Perfect soft blend of the best honey in the world. So healthy, so good for the body.



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