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Black Seed & Manuka Honey 83+ MGO (250g)

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The Combined Power of Raw Manuka Honey and Black Seed (MGO 83+)

One honey jar containing two of the most powerful superfoods nature has to offer. Our raw Manuka and Black Seed Honey is a one of a kind product sourced from the scenic shorelines of New Zealand, often dubbed ‘the land of manuka’.

The honey itself is packed to the brim with micronutrients and bioactives from both the Nigella Sativa seeds (black seeds) and Manuka blooms - that means you get to reap the benefits of two natural gifts in one go. We use very gentle cold-extraction methods to obtain our honey. This ensures that you’re getting honey that’s fully raw, completely unprocessed and devoid of any artificial preservatives.

MGO rating of 83+ makes this honey the perfect table honey. This wholesome specialty can easily be included in your culinary and/or cosmetic routine. Spread some on your toast for a healthy breakfast, use as a healthy alternative to sugar or add it to your skincare regimen: the choice is yours!

  • Size: 250 G
  • Sweetness: Mild to Medium, depending on the season
  • Color: Dark Cream to Dark Brown
  • Texture: Thick, Rich, and Smooth
  • MGO: 83+

Is Raw Manuka Honey Better?

Raw manuka honey, compared to refined varieties is unfiltered, unprocessed and completely natural. That means it contains a wealth of healthful nutrients and active natural ingredients that lend many benefits to the body. From a well-being point of view, raw manuka honey is definitely better than regular or refined honey.

Processing or heating honey strips it of its bioactives and antioxidants. Regular (processed) honey is also low on pollen content. Manuka honey, when its raw and comes straight from the hive, also has a higher ratio of phenols, plant-based compounds.

Is a Spoonful of Manuka Honey Good for You?

A spoonful of manuka honey could do wonders. Manuka honey has been researched for healthful compounds, nutrients and phenols all of which are needed by the body.

What Exactly is Black Seed?

Black seeds come from Nigella Sativa, a flowering plant native to Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. The seeds are used as a spice in the Middle East. But these little black seeds also have major health benefits. They are loaded with antioxidants, Thymoquinone being one of them and can do wonders for the body.

What Does Black Seed Honey Do?

Black seed honey blends the natural goodness of raw manuka honey and Nigella Sativa seeds. This combination makes black seed honey  potent 

What Does Raw Manuka and Black Seed Honey Taste Like?

Manuka and Black Seed Honey (MGO 83+) is a rich honey that boasts a layered flavour. This mild-medium sweet honey tastes herbal with hints of caramel and a clean aftertaste, reminding one of a leisurely walk through summer woods.

The infused black seed extracts lend our Black Seed Manuka Honey a nutty relish and make it the perfect honey for those appreciative of balanced complexity. Texture-wise, raw manuka black seed honey is thick, creamy and earthy

Our raw manuka honey (MGO 83+) comes from New Zealand, the land of Manuka. We extract our honey using a gentle cold extraction method that involves no heat or processing. The extraction technique we’ve championed combines local wisdom with environmentally friendly beekeeping practices.

Our black seed  extracts are sourced from the sun-kissed fields of Ethiopia, a region renowned for producing premium-quality black cumin seeds. As with our manuka, we use cold-pressing methods to get our black seed extracts. This way, we make sure that every honey jar we deliver is packed with nothing but natural goodness.

Raw Manuka and Black Seed Honey by Nature’s Blends has an MGO rating of 83+.

Since it’s ‘table grade honey’, it’s best suited for everyday consumption and also works wonderfully as a sweetener. Feel free to include it in your diet plan, health salads, pre-gym smoothies and beverages.

What is MGO?

MGO is short for methylglyoxal the special bioactive responsible for the potent and unique anti-microbial properties of manuka honey.

MGO is a honey grading system that measures the level of methylglyoxal in honey. As a rule, the higher the MGO rating of your honey, the more its methylglyoxal content and the better its quality.

What MGO Honey is Best?

Manuka honey is great in all its forms but the best type of honey for you is the one that best suits your purpose.

Milder varieties of Manuka honey (with lower MGO ratings) work best as table grade honey that’s perfect for everyday consumption while higher methylglyoxal concentrations (high MGO ratings) are ideal for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

See this chart to select the right concentration for yourself:

  • Table grade (MGO 83 - MGO 263) - for daily consumption, include in your health chart,

beverages, salads or take it raw

  • Moderate grade (MGO 263 - MGO 514) - aka ‘therapeutic grade’ honey, suitable for

short-term consumption and general well-being

  • Higher grade manuka honey (MGO 514 - MGO 1200) - with higher MGO readings can

be used for skin care.

The Manuka Tree 

The Manuka Tree (Leptospermum scoparium) also known as the Tea Tree grows only in New Zealand. This small evergreen shrub is incredibly special because of its resilience and medicinal properties. When it comes into bloom, it is laden with sweet-scented flowers that attract bees.

But what makes manuka honey a true local specialty is the fact that the Manuka bush comes into bloom only for a handful of days in summer and springtime. It is during these days that the bees get quite busy. The result is a delicious floral honey that is loved and cherished all around the world.

The Manuka bush has been growing in New Zealand for thousands of years. It reserves a special place in native Maori traditions. Often called the ‘tree of life’, its extracts (bark and leaves) are still central to indigenous medicinal practices.

Nigella Sativa Black Seed

The black seed plant or the Nigella Sativa is a flowering plant that’s native to parts of Asia and the Mediterranean region. Its tiny black seeds are loaded with antioxidants and bioactive compounds.

Black seed has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years.

Mankind started cultivated black seed plants about 3000 years ago - and we haven’t gone back since then. In Asia, black seeds are still added to local dishes as a spice.

In addition to their culinary and medicinal applications, black seeds hold a revered position across many cultures and faiths. They were called ‘the blessed seed’ in the Mediterranean.

How to Take Black Seed Manuka Honey?

An MGO rating of 83+ makes our organic Manuka Black Seed Honey the perfect choice for everyday consumption. You can use this table-grade honey as a natural sweetener that comes straight from the hive or take it alone.

Eat a spoonful daily to stay in good health or add it to your fruit smoothies instead of sugar. You can stir some into your beverages, drizzle it onto your breakfast oats or healthy salads or mix it in your yogurt. Spread some on your toast to start your day on a sweet note.

*Tip: The best way to consume Manuka Black Seed Honey is to take it raw. Exposing it to heat or cooking in it can denature its healthful compounds and decrease its potency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Y.I. (Welling, GB)

This is fantastic

A.A. (Coventry, GB)
Professionals and really good team

My order didn’t arrive for a couple days and I got worried. But one of the men called me personally and explained to me what happened and they were closed during weekends but as soon as it was Monday my order arrived by my doorstep. So thanks to him he knows who he is may Allah reward him and everyone thank you.

Ahmad I. (Loganville, US)

This really taste good. I love it.

N.A. (Manchester, GB)
Excellent products

Bought the Manuka and black seeds so happy with my purchase ..speedy delivery and excellent service .. will defo order again

N.A. (Manchester, GB)
Excellent products

Bought the Manuka and black seeds so happy with my purchase ..speedy delivery and excellent service .. will defo order again

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