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A must have honey at your home!


Honey is  a popular product known for its exotic sweet taste, and scent that provides a soothing feeling to its consumers. Especially raw unprocessed honey.  Because of it not going through the numerous processing processes raw honey retains its natural scent and taste.


Honey is well known for its many benefits. Raw and unprocessed honey contains a lot of natural antibiotic properties that help in the healing of wounds. There have been many studies that have been conducted on this that have proven that honey is highly effective against infectious organisms. The best part of using honey as a remedy is the fact that it can be applied easily, after cleaning the wound the only thing you have to do is apply a thin layer of honey and then bandage it.


Honey is also often suggested by many experts as being a good remedy for blemished skin or acne. We all know that pimples are a huge trouble which often leaves long lasting effects behind. Honey can be used as a facial scrub or mask for all skin types. It can be combined with yogurt to make a perfect facial scrub. This remedy combines the lactic aid of yogurt, known for skin smoothing, with the moisturizing and healing properties of honey. The antibacterial properties of honey make it a good actor against blemishes.


A honey mask combining cosmetic clay, unprocessed raw honey along with lavender oil  helps detoxify the skin and also calm and soothe the skin inflammation and helps heal the blemishes.



Honey is also a well known remedy for cough, cold, flu, allergies and irritation to the throat. Raw honey is used to make herbal cough syrups as honey thins out the mucus secretions and soothes a raw throat.


Thyme Honey holds up an exotic herbal aroma with a mixture of intense spices in its scent that helps awaken your senses. It is known to be an effective cure against sore or dry throat. Thyme honey provides a cooling sensation that helps provide relief to the throat. It has a dark amber colour which is composed of slight hughes of orange, red and yellow captures from its source also has a runny texture with medium sweetness.

Thyme is a herb that grows in hot climates on shrubs. It belongs to the same family of herbs such as mint and sage. This is why this honey is extracted from Greece


Another type of raw honey that is well known is  Lime Honey. It is harvested in Romania and offers a mouthwatering taste that is unforgettable!

People who are known to have a thing for fruits use it as a perfect ingredient for a number of popular dishes. Lime honey has a fruity taste because of the hints of citrus that are present in it.

It is often used in being served in salads or in teas.


Honey is a well known remedy that provides overall benefits to all. Having raw honey is generally a great way to ensure a healthy lifestyle and also maintaining taste in your life. The unprocessed nature of raw honey is extremely soothing and refreshing when used. Nature blends has a whole collection of raw honey available all that is perfectly suitable for your needs. There is a complete detail that is available explaining the products completely making it easier for you to identify which honey product fits your needs.

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