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  • Product Overview

    Yemen sidr honeyis one of the most sought out honeys in the world due to its delicate taste and limited availability. The beekeepers themselves are your average everyday natives who have mastered the art of beekeeping and harvesting honey. We believe that is why YemeniSidrHoneyis that much more precious.  The unique color, taste and aroma of sidr honey makes it stand out from your average honey on the market. Every spoonful has a trace of beautiful tradition that will keep you connected to the deep roots of Yemen, its inhabitants and wondrous land.

  • History

    The sidr tree has been around for centuries and is known by various names such as:

    Arabic - sidr (السدر)
    Biblical - Christ’s Thorn
    English - Jujube, lote tree, and lotus tree
    Botanical Name - Ziziphus, Spinachristi, Ziziphus jujube

    The Sidr tree has been sought out for more than just its honey. The use of its leaves, bark, and flowers have gifted people various medicinal and beauty benefits . The leaves mixed with warm water were used to treat swelling of the eyes and bloating of the stomach. Similarly, the leaves were crushed and mixed with hot water to create a foamy consistency to be used as an herbal shampoo to rid dandruff and a natural exfoliant body scrub.  Of course, for decades, harvesting honey from the precious flowers of the old historic sidr tree is the most revered method.

  • Origin

    Our Sidr Honey is sourced from the historic lands of Yemen from the Sidr Tree. The sidr tree can be found in other parts of the world such as India, Pakistan, Sudan, and Ethiopia - However, the Yemini Sidr tree has become more sought out for its honey due to its superior quality and traditional harvesting methods. The beekeepers of Yemen use traditional methods of harvesting from the Sidr flower and delicately preserve every bit of its precious honey.

  • Benefits

    Honey in general has many natural healing properties. Sidr honey provides that and a much more stronger healing effect. Below are some of the benefits of Yemen Sidr Honey:

    • Strong antioxidant and antibacterial - Research has found that darker honey’s generally have higher antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
    • Natural Ointment - apply honey to an infected or burned area.  The cooling sensation and natural elements bring comforting healing benefits.
    • Balance Blood Glucose - Unlike your average everyday sugar, honey has a much less glucose and sucrose content which makes it an ideal treat for diabetics.
    • Heals stomach ulcers - the cooling temperature of honey is able to tame and treat hot infections/areas in the body.
    • Treat chronic cough - honey has been shown to be a natural cough suppressant especially for children over 2 years of age.
    • Boosts the immune system - the unique antioxidant and antibacterial properties helps improve the immune system by ridding toxic buildup in the bloodstream.
    • Clears acne - Due to honey’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce and rid the appearance of acne that is triggered by a buildup of bacteria under the skin.
    • An alternative to combat unhealthy sweet cravings - This is due in part to honey being low in calories, sucrose, and glucose. An increase in unhealthy calories due to processed foods and sugar can lead to more consumption because the body does not absorb these sugars and provide sustainability. Honey can curb the need for constant sugar in the body by balancing out glucose in the system. 

    Pure Raw Yemeni Sidr Jujube Honey (250g)

    Sourced from the historic lands of Yemen from the Sidr Tree

    • Natural
    • Raw
    • Organic
    £44.99 GBP


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    A.R. (Hackney, GB)
    Highly recommend

    Great product, bit expensive but really good for overall health especially during this period……
    I have been diagnosed with asthma earlier this year and after 2 day’s of this beautiful honey I start vomiting and feeling better but unfortunately I had to stop because I just discovered that am pregnant and am not sure of the safety of taking it …..
    I honestly recommend this honey and I will buy again
    Jiasakallaho khayran

    F. (Sydney, AU)
    Great product

    Pure and raw honey, the great benefits of sidr honey will definitely amaze anyone. Happy to order it and will do order again and again. Almost finished my first one😞😊

    S.C. (Pretoria, ZA)

    Can’t wait to taste it !!!!!!

    H.B. (Mitcham, GB)

    I ordered Sidr honey at the beginning of Ramadan.

    I take a small amount every morning with black seeds.

    This honey was well worth he wait, it tastes absolutely delicious, Ma shaa Allah.

    Would highly recommend.

    R.S. (Fremont, US)
    Yummy for my tummy

    Like I'm back home.



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