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The Honey Collection

Honey has been around for centuries and used for more than just a sweet delicate treat. We like to introduce a broad range of honeys that are different in order to challenge your taste buds to new flavours, aromas and textures. From thick honeys with a tangy twist to subtle honeys with earthy aromas, each jar encompasses something different. Explore the unique range of Nature’s Blends honey and send your senses on a blissful journey.

All our honeys are sourced from some of the most exotic places around the world. We pride ourselves in only sourcing natural, raw and unpasterised honeys, thereby ensuring all the nutritional goodness is retained.


  • The Honey

    Sourced from the exotic lands of Spain, Thyme Honey encompasses a unique flavour profile and intense taste. Its beautiful colour with slight hughes of dark red and orange captures the very plant this honey is sourced from. Thyme honey also has a herbal aroma with hints of spice that will wake your senses. Have a sore or dry throat? The cooling sensation and subtly spicy scent of Thyme Honey will clear it up in an instant.

    Size: 340G

    Colour: Dark Amber

    Texture: Runny

    Sweetness: Mild

  • Benefits

    Antioxidant Properties - The strong spicy yet slightly bitter taste of thyme is a great way to oxidize the respiratory system.

    Anti Inflammatory Properties - The high amount of thymol found in thyme aids in reducing pain due to chronic inflammation in joints, kidneys, liver, and the stomach.

    Contains Thymol - Thymol is easily found and extracted from the thyme leaf unlike other plants and herbs that need to be cold pressed in order to extract thymol. Thymol is a phytochemical that provides amazing healing properties similar to thymoquinone (TQ) and thymohydroquinone (THQ).

    Cough Suppressant - Improves symptoms of the common cold and cough from mucus buildup and respiratory distress due Thyme Honey’s unique flavor profile.

    Healing Wounds/Burns - Thyme honey has a cooling effect with strong antibacterial properties that will reduce swelling due to wounds, cuts and burns.

  • History

    Thyme is a herb that grows on shrubs in hot climates. It also comes from the same family of herbs such as mint and sage. During ancient times, thyme was used for more than just adding flavor to foods. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks would burn thyme to use as incense to enhance respiratory function and memory.

    Botanical Name - Thymus Vulgaris, Thymus Serpyllum
    English - Wild Thyme, Mother of Thyme, Shepherd's Thyme
    Arabic -   (Zaatar) زَعْتَر
    Spanish- Tomillo

  • Origin

    The thyme herb grows on shrubs in hot climates with moist soils. It is found primarily in mediterranean countries (Palestine, Syria, Morocco, Greece, Spain and Italy.)

    Our Thyme Honey is sourced from the alluring lands of Spain from the flower found on the thyme shrub it grows upon.



  • The Honey

    A clean, delicate and not overly sweet taste with hints of vanilla and distinct floral overtones.

    This raw, cold-processed 100% natural honey has its origin in the flowers of Romanian Robiniapseudoacacia (also called 'black locust') acacia trees. It offers an unprecedentedly clean, delicate and not overly sweet taste with hints of vanilla and distinct floral overtones.

    Often called 'water honey' or 'moonflower honey' because of its incredibly pale colour, acacia honey owes its distinctive appearance to its low natural acidity, our unique cold filtration process, and the remote, pristine, all but uninhabited hillsides where these groves (and the bees who tend them) thrive. However, it's most important properties are those that cannot be seen - or even tasted - directly.

    Acacia honey is one of the least allergenic of all honeys because of its naturally low pollen content. Like all honey, it has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, and has been used in healing for generations. It is also a powerful antioxidant, and a vital (not to mention delicious) part of any diet that focuses on these foods.

    The fact that this acacia honey is raw, cold filtered and processed entirely naturally means that it retains all of its original goodness, in ways that supermarket honey - even store bought acacia honey - simply cannot. It is very high in polyphenols such as gallic acid and various flavonoids, and forms a part of many natural remedies for just this reason.

    Acacia honey has one more unique property - it resists crystallising longer than any other honey without any processing. We all know the frustration of seeing a lovely jar of honey turn all but solid before we have time to use it. Because acacia honey has a high fructose/glucose ratio, it lasts much longer on the shelf, even after being opened.

    Size: 340G/250G

    Colour: Clear

    Texture: Runny

    Sweetness: Mild

  • Benefits

    Due to Acacia honey being low in sucrose and glucose content, it has been shown to improve the following conditions:

    Balances Blood Glucose Levels - Honey has a naturally increasing insulin level needed to move glucose out of the body

    Treating Headaches - Consuming high amounts of unhealthy sugars result in shocking the body and reducing the amount of oxygen to reach vital organs. The fast consumption of unhealthy sugars can thicken the blood and cause less oxygen to move through the bloodstream. The result - Headaches/Migraines. Low sucrose levels found in Acacia helps oxygen run through the bloodstream to reach vital organs.

    Cleanses the liver - Bile is a humor found in the liver that aids in digesting food. If there is a buildup of bile in the liver, digestion becomes difficult and leads to inflammation, gallstones, and poor excretory functions. This can also be exasperated due to consumption of high caloric/sugary foods that stall digestion. Acacia honey’s low sucrose and glucose content cleanses the liver, gives off a cooling sensation to inflamed areas of the liver, and removes unhealthy toxic sugar buildup.

    Gastric Issues - Acacia Honey has very low levels of acid. Along with its cooling features and low sugar content, Acacia can help reduce acid reflux symptoms.

  • History

    Acacia honey is found amongst various European Countries.

    Other Names:
    Botanical - Acacia plicata

    English - Black Locust

  • Origin




  • The Honey

    Pure, raw honey sourced from the forests of Romania. Our Raw Wild Forest honey is straight from the honeycomb and is cold filtered which gives it a much thicker consistency. It offers a sweet yet subtle flavor with a zesty and tangy edge! Cold filtered honey ensures all the natural elements are preserved and not stripped away like that of heat-pressed or filtered products. We promised to deliver only the best - starting with the extraction and bottling process. Our Wild Forest Honey is available in two convenient sizes - 250 gram and 340 gram jars.

  • Benefits

    Retains More Nutrients - Preserving the natural elements of a product is a core component in ensuring all nutrients are not compromised during the bottling process.

    Natural Sweetener - Does not contain high or artificial sugars. The tangy taste of Raw Wild Forest honey does not leave an overly sweet taste on the tongue.

    Combats Fatigue - Unlike caffeine and overly processed sugars that makes us crash after a few hours, all natural balanced sugar found in honey gives more sustainable energy without the horrible after crash.

    Rids Dandruff - Raw honey has anti-fungal properties that help restore the scalps natural oils by softening and opening the pores.

  • Origin

    Nature’s Blends Wild Forest Honey is sourced from the beautiful quiet forests in Romania.



  • The Honey

    We all know that raw honey has tremendous health benefits. From treating infections to being a source of energy, the uses of raw honey are endless. But what happens when you infuse Blackseed ( Nigella Sativa) in to raw honey? Well the answer is simple. You get a powerful health product that delivers the sweetness of raw honey with the added vitality of the Blackseed.

    The idea of infusing Black seed with raw honey is something the team at Nature’s Blend’s have spent a lot of time tinkering with to find the right balance of taste and potency. The result is that we finally have a product that you can use every day in your food, on your body or as sweet treat on a lazy day.

    What makes Nature’s Blends Blackseed Honey different is that first, we start with truly perfect raw, wild honey. Gathered from bees tending to wild, naturally occurring flowers which grow far from the pollution and interference of us humans, this honey is some of the finest in the world such as the Yemeni Sidr Honey. It is then cold-filtered and naturally processed to retain all of its natural goodness.

    Next, we produce the finest cold-pressed Ethiopian Black Seed Oil in the world, and carefully infuse it into the honey. Even if this product’s incredible health benefits are not important to you, you should try it just to experience the unique flavour.

    With such a sweet and refreshing taste along with numerous health benefits Blackseed Honey is a must for every home.

    Natures Blend’s Top Tip: Drizzle a bit of Black Seed Honey on your cereal or spread it across your toast.

  • Benefits
    • Supports a healthy immune system
    • Aids in keeping blood sugars within the normal range
    • Contributes to better digestive health
    • Is full of powerful antioxidants
    • Adds vital fatty acids to your diet (not present in any other honey)
    • Aids in weight loss
    • Plenty of Anti-Oxidants
    • Promotes good digestion
    • Essential source of B1, B2 and B3 vitamins.
  • Origin

    Romania and Ethiopia (Black Seed)



  • The Honey

    Don’t let the name confuse you! Although the word “lime” is used, Lime Honey does not come from the lime fruit itself. Lime honey, also known as Linden Honey, comes from the pale white flowers that blossom on trees during late spring and early summer in Romania. The colour of the honey that is produced from this precious flower are white to a pale yellow/green. Lime honey also has a unique flavour profile with a hint of fresh mint and subtle tartness. The aroma is a delicate floral scent with splashes of camphor and fresh wood. Who knew so much character can come from a small delicate flower?

    Size: 250G/340G

    Colour: Yellow

    Texture: Set

    Sweetness: Sweet with a hint of Zestiness!

  • Benefits

    Cleanses the liver - Bile is a humor found in the liver that aids in digesting food. If there is a buildup of bile in the liver, digestion becomes difficult and leads to inflammation, gallstones, and poor excretory functions. This can also be exasperated due to consumption of high caloric/sugary foods that stall digestion. Acacia honey’s low sucrose and glucose content cleanses the liver, gives off a cooling sensation to inflamed areas of the liver, and removes unhealthy toxic sugar buildup.

    Reduces cramping/upset stomach - Lime Honey is great for balancing hormones and reducing the pain associated with cramping by offering a calm cooling effect to the inflamed area of the body.

    Chest/Nose/Throat Congestion - Antibacterial properties found in Lime Honey can break down congestion due to the common cold. A great way to detox and restore normal function to the body.

  • History

    The Linden tree can be found in various parts of the world. The most common and traditional source of the linden tree is found in parts of Spain, Romania, Russia, and China. The tree grows very large surpassing 1000 ft! Its honey naturally drips from the flowers that blossom so passionately on its branches.

  • Origin

    Sourced from the romantic Lime Tree in the deep forests of Romania.



  • The Honey

    Yemen sidr honey is one of the most sought out honeys in the world due to its delicate taste and limited availability. The beekeepers themselves are your average everyday natives who have mastered the art of beekeeping and harvesting honey. We believe that is why the honey is that much more precious. The unique color, taste and aroma of sidr honey makes it stand out from your average honey on the market. Every spoonful has a trace of beautiful tradition that will keep you connected to the deep roots of Yemen, its inhabitants and wondrous land.

  • Benefits

    Honey in general has many natural healing properties. Sidr honey provides that and a much more stronger healing effect. Below are some of the benefits of Yemen Sidr Honey:

    Strong antioxidant and antibacterial - Research has found that darker honey’s generally have higher antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

    Natural Ointment - apply honey to an infected or burned area. The cooling sensation and natural elements bring comforting healing benefits.

    Balance Blood Glucose - Unlike your average everyday sugar, honey has a much less glucose and sucrose content which makes it an ideal treat for diabetics.

    Heals stomach ulcers - the cooling temperature of honey is able to tame and treat hot infections/areas in the body.

    Treat chronic cough - honey has been shown to be a natural cough suppressant especially for children over 2 years of age

    Boosts the immune system - the unique antioxidant and antibacterial properties helps improve the immune system by ridding toxic buildup in the bloodstream.

    Clears acne - Due to honey’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce and rid the appearance of acne that is triggered by a buildup of bacteria under the skin.

    An alternative to combat unhealthy sweet cravings - This is due in part to honey being low in calories, sucrose, and glucose. An increase in unhealthy calories due to processed foods and sugar can lead to more consumption because the body does not absorb these sugars in order to provide sustainability. Honey can curb the need for constant sugar in the body by balancing out glucose in the system.

  • History

    The sidr tree has been around for centuries and is known by various names such as:

    Arabic - sidr (السدر)

    Biblical - Christ’s Thorn

    English - Jujube, lote tree, and lotus tree

    Botanical Name - Ziziphus, Spinachristi, Ziziphus jujube

  • Origin

    Our Sidr Honey is sourced from the historic lands of Yemen from the Sidr Tree. The sidr tree can be found in other parts of the world such as India, Pakistan, Sudan, and Ethiopia - However, the Yemini Sidr tree has become more sought out for its honey due to its superior quality and traditional harvesting methods. The beekeepers of yemen use traditional methods of harvesting from the sidr flower and delicately preserve every bit of its precious honey.