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Hijama in Dallas

Looking for a facial cupping therapist in Dallas? The map below lists cupping practitioners, experts and clinicians who specialise in a range of cupping techniques.

Cupping, traditionally known as Hijama, is an age-old alternative medicine technique in which the practitioner places several cups on skin to generate a suction force. The resulting suction force is then used to deep massage the tissues, improve blood flow and reduce inflammation.

This ancient form of well-being therapy is still alive because of the various benefits it offers. Not only does it reduce pain and discomfort, it also helps the body relax, let go and heal.

While cupping originated in China, its benefits were universally appreciated. The practice spread all over the world and evolved as healers from diverse regions embraced it. Perhaps that’s why today, there exist many exciting variants of cupping therapy.

 You can choose from the traditional Arab practice of wet cupping (Hijama) to the exotic fire cupping, from classic bamboo cupping to anti-cellulite facial cupping. Cupping methods still thrive because it is a natural relaxation method with many benefits.

Whether you’re looking for a facial cupping expert, a hijama practitioner or an anti-cellulite specialist, this interactive map will help you locate qualified and experienced cupping therapists in Dallas

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