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Top 7 Shilajit Capsule Benefits For BodyBuilding

shilajit benefits for bodybuilding

Are you also a fitness freak struggling to have a good-looking, muscular body? Unfortunately, gaining fat seems a lot easier than gaining muscles. For faster results, people seek protein formulas or performance-enhancing drugs during bodybuilding. Yes, these drugs may give you good results but surely leave long-lasting adverse effects. Besides, why should you indulge in bad habits when you have all-natural, health-promoting, and immune-strengthening Shilajit capsules to obtain the desired body shape without stressing over side effects?

Consuming mineral-rich Shilajit capsules filled with raw, organic, and 100% Shilajit powder may help you work out longer by pumping muscles, giving better strength and stamina, improving body stability, and ensuring faster muscular recovery. Shilajit supplementation may benefit your exercise performance by aiding low energy and lethargy-associated metabolic characteristics. 

Apart from providing minerals to revitalise the body after strenuous exercise, it augments testosterone levels naturally, ultimately increasing the size of the muscles in men.

Shilajit and Bodybuilding | 7 Ways How Shilajit Capsules Help You Through Workout

Shilajit capsule benefits your body in multiple ways to let you work out harder and for an extended period.

1.  Increased Oxygen Levels & Nitric Oxide Levels

    To work out longer without taking breaks and feeling fatigued, you need high oxygen levels in your muscles, for which haemoglobin-containing red blood cells are required in greater amounts (haemoglobin is responsible for carrying and storing oxygen in the body and inside muscles, respectively). Iron is a prime item needed to produce RBCs.

    Shilajit is iron-rich Ayurvedic medicine, and by increasing iron content in blood, it increases RBCs production, reducing fatigue and muscle soreness.

    Being loaded with fulvic acid, original Shilajit capsules can significantly increase oxygen levels (Fulvic acid is known to be made of 45% bioavailable oxygen) and lessen the lactic acid- or CO2-induced fatigue. This is how you can extend your exercise routine without losing your breath.

    On the other side, Nitric Oxide increases the workout efficiency by increasing blood flow by signalling the smooth muscle to relax and blood vessels to expand (vasodilation).

    Shilajit has the ability to upturn the NO levels up to 30%, allowing the bodybuilders to perform for longer as the blood flow to their muscles has increased. Shilajit is an amazing resin for increasing the oxygen efficiency of the heart and lowering your working heart rate.

    2.  Absorption of Minerals & Hydration

      Fulvic acid is one of the main parts of Shilajit's composition. Apart from improving oxygen levels, it has impressive absorption properties. It supports better and faster mineral absorption by the body along with other essential nutrients, letting you feel energised. It means you can save yourself from any mineral deficiency (due to body sweats from exercise) leading to lethargy. Moreover, it kicks the unwanted, toxic/harmful substances out of cells.

      Due to the quick absorption, the Shilajit capsule is pivotal for maintaining body hydration levels, as water depletes when you exercise vigorously. Being a valuable source of electrolytes, it aids in smoother muscle contractions.

      3.  No Creatine

        We are well aware of the negative effects of Creatine and still don’t bother to skip supplements for muscle gain.

        Bodybuilders who consume creatinine-containing drugs may experience severe kidney-damaging effects. On the contrary, Shilajit is free of creatinine and supports energy production without impacting any organ’s function.

        4.  Increased ATP Production and Nitric Oxide

          Dibenzo Alpha Pyrones (DBPs) in Shilajit help revive cells, enhancing adenosine triphosphate (ATP)/energy production. Result? You can exercise harder and for longer because it restores energy and stamina.

          According to a study, consuming Shilajit regularly after exercise will increase energy levels, or we can say, improve the ATP production in muscles by easing the process from energy breakdown to cell use. 

          Another study supports the fact that Shilajit consumption can increase exercise duration as their experimented group showed 13% longevity in exercise duration and a 13% rise in ATP levels.

          shilajit help revive cells

          5.  Bone Healing & Pain Relief

            Are Shilajit capsules effective for faster healing? 

            One prized advantage of Shilajit capsules is their ability to heal wounds, scars, and fractures faster and more efficiently. 

            Post-workout broken bones or fractures are pretty common. With Shilajit 500 mg capsules, the healing process may be fast-tracked by supporting the speedy regeneration of cracked bones to improve your bodybuilding performance. Simultaneously, humic acid, a bioactive component of Shilajit, fightsd inflammation with its potent anti-oxidation properties for reducing joint pains.

            *If you prefer a massage, you can have Shilajit mixed in any oil.

            6.  Healthy Mitochondrial Function

              Dysfunctional mitochondria give rise to many health complications, from increasing oxidative stress to decreasing energy production, causing lethargy to accelerate ageing, limiting body stamina and hampering the energy used by cells.

              Antioxidant-rich Shilajeet capsules are known to positively impact the mitochondrial respiratory chain/ electron transport chain by reducing ROS (reactive oxygen species) levels, especially during hard-core exercise.

              Shilajit can be your remedy to combat Chronic Fatigue syndrome caused due to mitochondrial dysfunction. How? It can improve overall mitochondrial function, consequently helping the production of ATP.

              7.  Better Skeletal Muscle Adaptability and Flexibility 

                The benefits of Shilajit capsules are extended to muscular flexibility and adaptability. You can find multiple studies focused on the beneficial role of Shilajit in promoting better-quality skeletal muscle functioning and adaptation for obese people after resistance and endurance activities. Shilajit capsules support skeletal muscles as they notably enhance ECM (extracellular matrix) related gene expression, responsible for maintaining, developing, regeneration, and restoring skeletal muscles.

                With a routinely Shilajit supplementation, collagen production can be increased along with other proteins essential for upholding the structural & biochemical integrity of the cells.

                Best Shilajit Capsules |Pure, Gluten-Free & Vegan

                Never miss a chance to enjoy an active lifestyle with Nature’s Blends pure, raw Himalaya Shilajit capsules - free of additives, synthetics, and heavy metals. Each easy-to-eat capsule is filled with natural, powerful, and 100% pure Shilajit powder. It is a safe dietary supplement for a calm mind and muscular body as it ensures improved circulation, physical power, and muscular toning.

                Available in a pack of 60, these mineral-rich raw Shilajit capsules can be your energy- and immunity booster as well as an all-natural edible for increasing testosterone levels.

                Buy Shilajit capsules from us - we made it free of gluten and with Non-GMO and premium ultra-pure ingredients.

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