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Top 5 FAQs About Black Seed Oil, Answered

Black seed oil, a remedy oil derived from the seeds of the Nigella Sativa shrub, is gaining popularity in the UK and we are thankful for that!

Organic black seed oil contains a cocktail of beneficial compounds and essential nutrients such as unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and natural phytochemicals such as thymoquinone. These active compounds give black seed oil its striking properties; it heals, restores, and nourishes.

From boosting skin health to strengthening your hair, from countering the symptoms of cold and flu to improving digestive health and aiding weight loss, black cumin seed oil has a long list of health benefits.

 And that is exactly why you’re seeing it everywhere; from online stores to cosmetic shops. Black cumin oilsupplements come in various forms; black seed oil capsules, organic black seed oil, and even black seed honey.

But replenishing and exciting as black seed oil is, we were still late to learn about its magical properties in the UK. Many have questions about this wonderful herbal remedy, its benefits, and usage.

Black seed oil is an amazing gift from nature and everyone should be aware of its benefits. So, we answered 5 most frequently asked questions about black seed oil to clear the fog:

1) What is Golden Black Seed Good For?

Golden black seed is a balanced herbal blend of black seed and turmeric. It combines the healing properties of two wonderful natural ingredients to provide metabolic support, bolster immunity and improve memory.

Early research and preclinical trials show that golden black seed blends help the body maintain healthy cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar levels, boost the immunity and improve mood. In-depth research is required to confirm the twin effects of turmeric and black seeds.

2) What Does Black Seed Oil Cure?

Black seed oil is a dietary supplement with major curative potential, but it cannot replace regular medication.

Conditions Black Seed Oil Treats Effectively

These days, black seed oil is used as a supplement to treat:

  • Digestive tract-related problems such as colic, diarrhea, constipation, and hemorrhoids
  • Respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, cough, bronchitis, and flu

Potential Health Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil shows promise as a treatment or an effective supplement for the many conditions, but its full potential has not been properly researched yet. Early studies, conducted mostly on animals show that black seeds, their extracts, and oil have the following potential  health benefits:

  • Improved Liver Function
  • Black seed oil helps with diabetes
  • Alleviates skin conditions associated with inflammation like eczema and itchiness
  • Reduces cholesterol levels
  • Maintains blood pressure
  • Effectively reduces weight
  • Helps with drug withdrawal, particularly opiates
  • Reduces seizures and epileptic attacks in children
  • Minimises joint pain and rheumatism
  • Pain relief
  • Cancer prevention
  • Counters congestion and inflammation
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Menstrual regulation

Black Seed Oil in the Past

Historically, black seeds and the oil derived from them were used to cure a wide range of ailments ranging from skin conditions like eczema and respiratory problems such as asthma and cough to headaches, dizziness, and inflammation.

3) Do You Take Black Seed Oil on An Empty Stomach?

Black seed oil is safe for consumption as long as you are taking the recommended dosage. You can take it after food, with food or even saute your food in it but it is recommended that you take it raw to reap its benefits to the fullest since exposure to excessive heal can denature some of the compounds present in it.

There is a reason why experts recommend you take herbal products and oil on an empty stomach; some foods and drinks can prevent or slow down the effective absorption of supplements or interfere with their working.

For your black seed oil treatment to work out optimally, take your prescribed dosage on an empty stomach, then wash it down with water or juice.

4) Can Nigella Sativa Cure Cancer?

Early research has indicated that black seed or Nigella Sativa shrub is loaded with cancer-fighting compounds such as Thymoquinone, but more extensive clinical evidence is required to confirm these findings.

Most studies related to the effects of Nigella Sativa extracts such as black seed supplementation on cancer have been conducted on cells and animals. The experimental trials found that thymoquinone, extracted from the black seed shrub reduced the growth and size of tumors in rats. The same study found that black seed supplements prevented radiation damage in rodents.

More research-based evidence is required to confirm whether Nigella Sativa supplements can effectively combat cancer in humans by reducing the growth and multiplication of cancerous cells.

5) How Do You Take Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil can be ingested or directly applied to the skin.  You can use black seed oil as a seasoning, add it to your beverages and even take it in the form of soft gel black seed oil capsules. It is most commonly used as a dietary supplement. If you’re looking for recipes, you may want to read our guide on how to include black seed oil in your diet.

Black seed oil can also be diluted with a carrier oil like coconut oil and then applied to the skin to reduce joint pain and skin dryness.

Looking for Organic Black Seed Oil?

Nature’s Blends can help. At Nature’s Blends, we bring only the purest and most organic produce to you. Our oil is best in the UK because we cold-press just once to keep it organic and preservative-free.

All of the items in our black seed product range are made from premium quality black cumin seeds sourced from the sprawling fields of Ethiopia. To find more black seed products including black seed capsules, pure black seed oil, and black seed honey in UK, visit

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