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The Innumerable Advantages to Using Organic Argan Oil

argan oil

You may have already heard that Organic Argan oil is certainly a great concoction that does wonders. This is not just a simple assumption because this oil has certainly proven its worth for a very long time now. This beauty oil is native to Morocco where its source, the Argan tree, is exclusively found. The Moroccan people have enjoyed the benefits of this product for centuries not only on their faces but also for their whole body. This oil gives an individual's skin a radiant look hence those who have used it frequently refer to it as the "Liquid Gold". This article will discuss the relationship between Organic Argan Oil, cosmetic, wrinkles, dark circles, eyes, scars & stretch marks, vitamin E & F and a generally smooth and beautiful. And lets finally take a look at some of the argan oil benefits.

Organic Argan Oil for Healthy Skin

This oil is truly nature's number one anti-aging product. It is very rich in naturally occurring vitamin E, carotenes and phenolics, all of which are very powerful antioxidants as well as squalene which is a very powerful skin moisturizer. The antioxidant content of the oil protects an individual's skin against the harmful effects of the UV radiation in sunlight. These radiations would lead to wrinkles and leathering of the skin if nothing is done to stop it.

The great antioxidant properties of the oil enable it to destroy the oxidizing free radicals which can rip apart your cell membranes and gradually destroy a huge number of your body cells, including the skin cells. These free radicals are produced not only by sunlight, but also by pesticides and pollution from industrial and traffic emissions as well as tobacco smoke.

Since these radicals kill off your skin cells, they quickly form deep wrinkles and you may look much older than you actually are. This oil prevents this from happening and can be used by any person to help maintain the young look of the skin for a very long time.

The squalene content in this oil keeps an individual's skin soft and moist. The oil also contains several health promoting fatty acids such as Omega 9 and Omega 6. The fatty acids help support an individual's immune system and also help to retain moisture in your skin and the mucus membranes of your nose and pulmonary system. The oil can be used as a nourishing night oil to help protect the skin in cold and dry weather. If you have any hard areas on your skin, Organic Argan oil will help soften them.

The fatty acids also help to reduce cholesterol levels blood pressure, as well as the risk of you suffering diseases of the cardiovascular system. These were some argan oil benefits for skin, lets take a look at the benefits of Moroccan argan oil for hair.

Organic Argan Oil for Healthy Hair

This oil has been found to have a number of benefits for the hair. Used for centuries by women to smoothen and condition their hair, it is a very effective way of adding a great shine and gloss to your hair. Organic Argan oil will untangle and tame frizzy hair and repair split ends of your hair, leaving you with an extremely shinny and glossy hair. It also improves dry and itchy scalp. Just apply the oil to your scalp and wrap your head with a warm towel for about thirty minutes or maybe overnight so as to soothe the irritation.

Organic Argan Oil for Strong and Healthy Nails

As a natural beauty treatment for nails, this oil tops the list. The oil's unique composition of vitamin F and vitamin E strengthens and moisturizes the nails and cuticles to help keep them in the best condition.

Other benefits of this oil include

It helps prevent stretch marks: Just use it as you would any other cream meant for stretch marks. This oil get absorbed very easily and it does not leave any residues on your skin.

It lightens scars and dark circles: If used regularly, the oil can help lighten acne marks and scars.

It balances the production of sebum: Even though it is oil, it doesn't clog up pores.

It relieves psoriasis and eczema: This oil is one of the world's greatest natural sources of vitamin E. It is therefore a wonderful treatment for a number of skin infections.

It soothes irritated baby skin: The oil is a wonderful substitute for chemical-based baby oils.

Tips in Selecting the Best Organic Argan Oil

Quality of Argan nuts used to produce the oil: Poor quality nuts for example those that are mouldy, old or rotten will certainly reduce the quality of the produced oil.

The purity of the oil: Many producers of this oil mix it with cheap culinary oils in order to make more profit. It isn't possible to identify pure Argan oil just by the smell, consistency or even colour as it is normally believed. Only highly developed lab test can give irrefutable results.

The means used to produce the oil: hand-presses oil is not proper for cosmetic uses because of the water that is added during the manual pressing of the Argan kernels. The added water creates a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria. Such oils have much shorter shelf-life; only three months.

The smell of the oil: Organic Argan oil with an obviously strong smell shouldn't be used either on the skin or hair.

Decanted oils: Major presence of deposits and sediments reduces the produced Argan oil's shelf-life and encourages the growth of bacteria.

Deodorized oils: Chemical and steam deodorization are the mostly used methods to get rid of the Argan oil's smell. These two methods strip this oil of the supposed heath properties making the oil less efficient.

Lightweight: Greasy oil indicates poor quality, dilution or maybe both. One among the vital characteristics of this oil, the one that makes the oil fit cosmetic purpose, is its lightweight.

Proper storage: This oil should be kept in a cool and dark place so as to shield it from light, which might cause its oxidization.

Due to Organic Argan oil's rising popularity, a great number of skin care corporations are jumping on the oil's bandwagon. It is definitely a mid-range beauty product, but the concentration and small amount requires help with the cost. In addition, with the skin benefits you have seen, you should definitely ditch every other oil and stick with Organic Argan oil. It is recommended to get a product line which has 100% pure Moroccan Organic Argan Oil as it is the best argan oil.

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