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The Importance of the Graston Technique

Chiropractic professionals primarily focus on our joints and their overall mobility. Though this mobilization is crucial, many professionals focus on mechanics while they are neglecting the soft tissue surrounding the joint. This means that the muscle problem is not dealt with fully, that can lead to permanent damage to your muscles and joints. In order to make sure that muscle and joint mobility is maximum, health professionals are starting to use the Graston Technique.

What is the Graston Technique?

The Graston Technique is an IASTM technique (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) that is used by innumerable health professionals around the world. Its main purpose is to release tension in the muscles and restriction in the muscle which can provide pain relief and other related symptoms of chronic or acute conditions.

This chiropractic technique is administered by the use of special tools, such as the IASTM Long Bar Tool. There are 6 Royal massage stainless steel tools including the Long Bar whose unique shapes and sizes allow the chiropractor to work around over your body, seamlessly with ease. The tools are used in stroking over the body to find scar tissue and simultaneously heal the affected area.

Benefits of Using IASTM treatment

Our Muscles and other inner structures of the body are protected by a layer of a special tissue known as Fascia. Fascia connects the inner structure of the body collectively and provides a basic structure.

Due to damage or injury, fascia can at times become stuck to our muscles and structures. Also, after surgery or trauma, the fascia can heal in the wrong way which results in scar tissue. If untreated, this scar tissue causes acute or chronic pain.

The Graston technique royal massage tools enable a chiropractor to detect any adhesions or scar tissues. When stroked over affected areas of tense muscles, the tools reverberate, which allows the chiropractor to feel the tension in the muscles due to scar tissue or adhesions.

These tools heighten the chiropractor’s sense of touch which enables them to find the damaged soft tissue. Once the are is confirmed to have scar tissue or adhesions, the doctor treats the muscle area by stroking over the tissue in a distinct pattern. The repeated gliding and stroking action results in the release of adhesions, breakage of scar tissue which helps with pain-related symptoms.

What are the other benefits of the treatment?

According to the Graston Technique website, several factors enable faster recovery and healing in the body. These beneficial effects include increased cellular activity and blood circulation along with a higher skin temperature.

Sports injuries are one aspect where the procedure is remarkably helpful. The Graston Technique can aid sportsmen and women currently having an injury, or those who've been injured in the past.  

In addition to reducing pain symptoms, the therapy might also boost physical performance. After soft tissue adhesions are released, a player can face an increased range of motion, improved flexibility, and expanded stride span.

Effectiveness of the Graston Technique

Graston Technique is most effective when merged with other therapies. Therefore, most patients will be given supplementary treatment such as the usage of ice, stretching exercises, and chiropractic care. Generally, patients are treated twice a week for 5 weeks.

The Graston Technique can heal the issues in the neighbouring supporting tissues of a joint, thus allowing the chiropractor to focus more on the problems of the muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia and other tissues, in addition to addressing joint mechanics.

The technique may, in reality, helps out with chiropractic care by making sure that the chiropractic changes hold their effect for a prolonged duration. This allows chiropractors to fully address the joint or muscular problems of the patients.

These are just a few reasons why the Graston Technique is a perfect addition to Chiropractic care for your body.

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