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Should One Get Black Seed Capsules or Black Seed Oil?

The black seed oil has been hailed as natures gift to us, to possess miraculous healing powers and herbal concoction for the ages. Fortunately, the usage and the popularity of black seed oil is on the rise hence more research can be conducted into its strengths and healing powers. The blackseed oil is processed from the seeds of the nigella sativa plant which grows in various regions of Africa mainly. It's mostly available in capsule or raw processed liquid forms to best suit various purposes.

This article serves as a guide, although not definitive but does justice to the potency and importance of the black seed oils available in the market.

The Multitude Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Beauty: Circumstantial evidence suggests that black seed oil, when it is applied topically in the liquid form can help with a plethora of skin problems such as eczema, rough irritable skin, acne and psoriasis. Moreover, it can be applied to the hair for a nourishing massage to moisturise the hair and scalp. This will help prevent hair fall and dandruff in the hair as well. The antibacterial properties enable black seed oil in the healing of minor cuts or scratches.

Health:  Black seed oil has several other properties like antihistamine, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Which enable it to be utilised as a supplement to help control blood pressure and aid in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Moreover, it can help out with diabetes, asthma and its issues, plus fungal problems and infertility in men as well. But please, consult your GP before taking unadvised doses.

Culinary: Adding black seed oil to your everyday meals can increase its nutritional values exponentially. This oil is very enriched with fatty acids and antioxidants. You can choose to add it in small amounts to your salads or cook fries. But beware, the oil has a very richly bitter flavour which would mean to use it to your liking. This is limited to only the liquid raw form as using capsules here isn't an option.

Some Considerable Factors when purchasing Black Seed Oil

Form: Black seed oil is available in capsule and liquid form. Capsules are designed to be swallowed for health benefits and come in medicinal doses. The liquid form, which is packaged in bottles, is better for cooking and beauty applications. Seeds are also available, though the extracted oil is more potent.

Packaging: When purchasing a liquid form of the oil, select dark-coloured bottles that will protect the oil from oxidising from light exposure. Better yet, select UV-filtered, darkened glass to preserve the oil and keep it from degrading. As for the capsules, just make sure to store them in a cool place.

Purity: It's best if the product is 100% pure black seed oil and doesn't contain unnecessary fillers, preservatives, or additives.

Personal preference: If one wants to avail of the proper health benefits, there is the option for both raw liquid form and capsule form. But some people prefer taking capsules as the bitter taste of the oil is not for them. while those who have a phobia of ingesting pills or capsules are inclined more towards the liquid form. So, whatever you are easy to take in the form of black seed oil for you. 

Standout Features

Organic: For a product free of agrochemicals, select a black seed oil with MHRA certification. If you're using black seed oil as a health supplement, we'd recommend an organic product to eliminate unnecessary, toxic chemicals.

Cold-pressed: If you want a black seed oil that isn't chemically extracted, opt for a cold-pressed oil. The extraction process also doesn't involve heat, which results in a higher quality oil.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is black seed oil safe to consume regularly?
  2. In small amounts, yes. However, if you're taking supplemental doses whether capsules or liquid please check with a qualified GP because large doses can cause kidney or liver damage. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should avoid it altogether as should people going into surgery or with any blood disorders.
  1. Is there any risk in using black seed oil topically?
  2. Some people have an allergic reaction to the topical use of black seed oil. It's always best to perform a skin test before using it over large swathes of your body.

Recommended Black Seed Oil and Black Seed Capsules

Liquid form: Natures Blends Black Seed Oil

Our verdict: An organic black seed oil from a highly reputable company known for quality.

It's 100% pure oil. Cold-pressed. Sustainably grown and harvested without the use of pesticides. Popular for DIY treatment of health ailments. Perfect for cooking. 

Capsule Form: Natures Blends Blackseed Oil Capsules

Our verdict: Affordable black seed oil capsules with a pure, high-quality formula.

These are Potent 500 mg Black Seed Oil Capsules. Contain no fillers, GMOs — just pure, cold-pressed black seed oil.



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