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Shilajit - World's Best Superfood

Shilajit Altai mumijo

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit (a.k.a. mineral pitch) occurs in nature as a black, sticky tar-like material, which is created when plant matter breaks down over hundreds of years. It can typically be found amongst rocks in the mountains of the Himalayas and is often used in Ayurvedic medicine, a holistic medical practice dating back millennia. 

Rich in Nutrients & Minerals

The main reason behind Shilajit’s potency lies in the many different nutrients and minerals that it contains. As well as humic acids, triterpenes, fulvic acids and sterols, all of which are known to help support good health and vitality, Shilajit contains countless other trace minerals and nutrients. The fantastic array of goodness inside offers potent detoxification characteristics and it even significantly increases the bioavailability of other supplements it is taken with. 

This substance is known to have a wide array of medical applications and benefits to the body when it’s taken as a daily supplement. Here we take a look at just some of the ways that Shilajit can be used to combat imbalances and disease in the human body. By reading to the end, you’ll understand just how powerful Shilajit is.


The Benefits of Including Shilajit Supplement in Your Daily Routine


Anti-Ageing Properties

Shilajit is a substance that’s rich in an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant element known as fulvic acid, which is able to combat the cellular damage and free radicals that cause ageing. Including shilajit in your daily routine can help to slow down the ageing process and help to promote better all-round health.

Anaemia (Iron Deficiency)

When the body either loses blood, has trouble absorbing iron or is lacking iron due to a poor diet, it can become anaemic. The result of this iron deficiency is most often headaches, irregular heartbeats, fatigue, weakness and coldness in the extremities.

Including Shilajit in the diet in supplement form is known to increase haemoglobin, red blood cells and hematocrit levels, all of which are vital blood components. With a higher blood count, more oxygen is able to be distributed around the body, leading to more energy and vitality.

Stress Busting

Shilajit can be categorised as an adaptogen, meaning that it supports the body, making it able to combat both external and internal stressors. Stress triggers the body’s sympathetic system, which has mainly negative, damaging effects on the body. This wonderful supplement is known to promote parasympathetic activity, which has an opposite, calming effect, leaving the taker feeling more balanced and less affected by daily life.

Testosterone Deficiency

When men suffer with hair loss and a low sex drive, it’s usually a lack of testosterone in the body that’s to blame. Testosterone levels vary from person to person, but when levels are abnormally low, the resulting symptoms will usually include:

 A loss of muscle tone and mass

Chronic fatigue

Increased levels of body fat

A depressed or non-existent libido


Studies have shown that when taken for a prolonged period, purified Shilajit can provide a significant uplift in testosterone levels. The research also included a placebo group who didn’t see any increase in testosterone at all.

Shilajit has also been found to improve fertility and sperm count in men who took it as a supplement on a twice-daily basis. A study showed that after a three month period, 60% of those tested enjoyed an improvement in sperm count. 

Alzheimer’s Disease

The degenerative condition that is Alzheimer’s, results in issues relating to memory, behaviour and cognitive function. Whilst traditional pharmaceuticals are able to manage the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Shilajit’s unique composition is believed to dramatically slow down or even prevent the condition from taking hold.

Fulvic acid is again a key factor in the equation, as it’s able to prevent the build up of tau protein - a vital element that exists within the body’s nervous system. When too much tau protein exists, it can lead to brain cell damage, but Shaljit is thought to be able to keep this build up under control, thereby improving the symptoms of the disease. 

It’s important to say that this belief isn’t yet backed by scientific research, but the anecdotal evidence is compelling.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

Another condition that can be helped by Shilajit is CFS, which can cause prolonged bouts of extreme tiredness and fatigue. The levels of fatigue sufferers experience can be quite severe and can make everyday tasks at best challenging and at worst, impossible.

CFS is often linked with mitochondrial dysfunction - something that occurs when insufficient amounts of energy are produced by cells in the body. Research has found that Shilajit is able to reduce the effects of mitochondrial dysfunction, thereby boosting energy levels and allowing people to overcome the debilitating effects of CFS.

Taking Shilajit is also not recommended for those suffering with hemochromatosis (excess iron in the blood) or sickle cell anaemia. If after taking Shilajit, you become dizzy, experience an increased heart rate or develop any skin rashes, you should immediately stop and consult with your GP or health practitioner.

How Shilajit is Taken

Take 0.5ml (pea size) of Shilajit once a day, mix into warm water or milk, stir until the shilajit dissolves. Raw Honey may be added to taste.

Purity is Key

As with all types of natural supplements, it’s important to source it from a reputable company that uses ethical and sustainable methods of production. Only by treating the raw, naturally occurring substance with gentle hands is the innate natural, health-promoting goodness preserved fully. Other, harsh processing techniques lose much of the power nature provides, resulting a less potent and diluted product.

At Nature’s Blends, we believe in the absolute power that exists in nature to help the body heal, work efficiently and become more balanced. We only use the most advanced and gentlest processing techniques to bring the healing and incredibly supportive natural benefits of our products to our customers in their purest form.

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