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How To Reduce Cellulite With Cupping Treatment - Cupping Therapy Benefits

reduce cellulite with cupping

You might find women exaggerating the appearance of cellulite, relating it with obesity, and losing their self-worth. But the truth is, that cellulite is 100% harmless and natural. In fact, most of the females and 10-20% of the males have cellulite. This must not lower your self-esteem, but if you are feeling unhappy and thinking about how to get rid of cellulite, you can try many of cellulite’s treatments, which also include cupping therapy - a method where a vacuum is created inside the glass, bamboo, or plastic hijama cups through different approaches to lift the skin for drawing out and removing the body toxins to treat the multiple ailments.

Does cupping work for cellulite? How effective cupping is for cellulite? Is cupping safe for cellulite? Despite having limited evidence on cupping treatment for cellulite, we can say that it may offer a short-term improvement to at least some people. According to Dr Jonquille Chantrey, cosmetic surgeon and international aesthetic lecturer, “the cups may help to very mildly improve some of the excess tissue fluid and lymph which collects around the cellulite, but would only give a temporary result.

Always bear a few things in mind when you ask for hijama cupping therapy for cellulite; first, you can never “get rid of” cellulite completely as it cannot be treated from scratch. And second, you cannot “cure” cellulite. It means permanent removal is unachievable. You can reduce cellulite with proper, safely practised suction cup therapy. Before starting the treatment, consider the pros and cons of cupping for cellulite.

Cupping and Cellulite - How Does Cupping Improve Cellulite?

As Robert Youngs, an experienced acupuncturist and herbalist based in Beverly Hills, CA, says, "In traditional Chinese medicine, they see ailments as caused by a stagnation or blockage of energy flow, and cellulite is no different. Specifically, cellulite can be a result of poor blood circulation, lymphatic issues (where it is not draining as well as it should), fluid retention, and hormonal imbalances.” 

We cannot deny the facts Youngs has stated here because everyone knows how cupping therapy is extremely beneficial for streamlining and increasing blood circulation, reducing fluid build-up, eliminating toxic substances, easing the fascia connecting the skin and muscle, and bringing lymph drainage network in order.

As soon as the suction is applied, blood is brought to the surface of the skin, and the flow is improved to the cellulite-effected areas. This is how the hijama benefits skin healing. Cellulite starts breaking due to the negative pressure, as well. Youngs supports the argument as, "The suction of the cups also breaks up the cellulite and changes the texture of your skin with repeated use. Even better, it can be used in very specific areas on the body—your butt, thighs, and the like. It's hard for a diet to target certain body parts, but cupping might.”

Moreover, the skin bruises caused by cupping initiate stronger inflammation, letting the tissues heal faster and properly that are deteriorated by chronic, low-grade inflammation-causing water retention and cellulite.

 With cup massage therapy, you can expect a significant reduction in fibrosis and a significant improvement in damaged areas of your skin, but the National Institutes of Health warns us to be extra careful because data on cupping is too small or low quality to draw conclusions. Accurately how hijama cupping therapy works isn’t clear, but it's fairly helpful in achieving a cellulite-free healthy skin appearance.

On the contrary, many professionals deny the hijama cupping benefits for treating cellulite. In an interview with Prima, a renowned doctor gave personal opinion on Chinese cupping for cellulite, “I would imagine any perceived effect of cellulite cups is purely very short lived as unfortunately this type of treatment is not a cure for cellulite and will only create the effect of improvement via localised swelling which in turn disguises the cellulite.”


How Often Should I Do Cupping for Cellulite? 

How long to see results from cupping for cellulite?

You can achieve obvious changes after 6 to 8 treatments. To speed up the effectiveness, have a nutritious, well-balanced diet and follow a healthy exercise regime. The National Institutes of Health suggested using modified Thai herbs (turmeric, lemongrass, and plai) to enhance cellulite treatment.

Different Methods of Body Cupping for cellulite

Is cupping good for cellulite? Are suction cups for cellulite safe? There are multiple types of cupping therapy, and each has its purposes. For cellulite:

Apart from suction cup therapy, you must look into the skin benefits of cupping massage (hand massage), which involves no mechanics, no bruising or burns, and improves the skin appearance without leaving broken veins and loosened skin. In the massage, you must practice long strokes and knead the skin for better results. With the addition of skin rolling, it can do wonders.

No matter what type of suction cupping therapy you choose for cellulite, you need an effective and safe way to create suction because, as Four Seasons Los Angeles spa therapist Jeannette Von Johnsbach says, "The suction of the cups and warmth aids in melting the fat cells and minimizing the look and feel of cellulite." You can create suction through:

  1. Exposing the cup to the heat before squeezing it on the skin’s surface.
  2. Placing a small cotton ball dipped in alcohol and put on fire, inside the cup to eliminate oxygen.
  3. Applying massage body oil for a better seal.
  4. Using a vacuum suction machine.
  5. Continuous massaging and cup gliding.

    What Is Wrong with Cupping?

    How to Use Suction Cups for Cellulite?

    1. Take a shower or clean the body parts which will be treated.
    2. Pick a good quality body oil or cream and apply it to the chosen area. The use of oil/cream helps in easy and quick movement of the cups and suction.
    3. Put the hijama cup on the area (thighs, back, legs, etc.), squeeze with moderate force, and release to create a vacuum. You can create a vacuum by various methods explained above.
    4. You can either leave the cups on the treated area (stagnated) or choose to glide them in circular or back and forth motions.
    5. Practice it for 15-20 minutes, and remove the cups.

      It is better to repeat thrice a week. Or, you can perform it day-to-day for not more than 10-minutes. According to Four Seasons Los Angeles spa therapist Jeannette Von Johnsbach,  "Guests who are specifically using the massage as a cellulite treatment should have it done at least once a week, as well as leading a healthy lifestyle,

      How to Do Cupping at Home for Cellulite?

      Do you want to perform cupping at home by yourself? Yes, you surely can!

      Be cautious about choosing the vacuum cups of the right size and suction levels to avail the benefits of cupping for cellulite. If you are a first-timer, you must use sterilized silicone cups for cupping of different sizes, for instance, large-sized for treating cellulite on legs, thighs and buttocks and small-sized for arms and calves.

      cupping at home

      Premium Quality Cupping Cups & Hijama Equipment | Anti Cellulite Treatment 

      Nature’s Blends has not only break-resistant hijama cups made from top-quality sterile Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate but also easy-to-use hand-powered massage cupping that saves you from burns, and self-locking cupping forceps, suction pumps, fire glass set, and bamboo cupping set. You are welcomed to improve full body function with our Durable-made IASTM Tools (Gua Sha instrument) of stainless steel.

      Nonetheless, a safe and secure anti-cellulite glass and silicon cupping set manufactured with premium quality material gives you healthier skin. Buy cups for cupping therapy from Nature’s Blends for the best cellulite treatment!

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