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How to get rid of your Acne and Skin problems fast!

Having acne is infuriating and many people have acne at points in their life. Different people will encounter different severity and if you have been taking care of yourself, hopefully, you will grow out of acne. Acne is more common in teenagers however, some people suffer from acne even after turning into adults. Regardless of any age, if you are suffering from acne you will want to know how to get rid of acne fast.

Acne is a case of hormonal imbalance. We are more vulnerable to acne when we are in our teens because our body is growing and there will be many changes in our hormonal level. You may ask why it is adult suffer from acne and the answer is simple. It is because of hormonal imbalance in our body due to the diet we are having.

To cure acne fast, you will have to first make some slight changes to your diet. A bad diet can cause acne to appear. Eating foods that are high in sugar such as doughnuts, sweets and chocolates can lead to a rise in androgens level in your body. Androgen is a type of hormone that can cause your oil gland to become hyperactive active. This can lead to oily skin and make your skin more prone to breakouts. The first thing you should do is to reduce your sugar intake and start eating healthier foods such as fruits and vegetables.

You can also get rid of acne fast by using natural ingredients. Tea tree oil, raw manuka honey and lemon are great natural ingredients that can help to cure acne without any side effects. Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties and by applying it on acne, you can kill the bacteria causing acne. Manuka honey is a special honey that has high antibacterial properties too. You can either eat it on its own or apply it on your acne to see fast results.

Using manuka honey

Organic raw honey benefits have been well known over time and are a common home remedy for many ailments, but can it cure acne? The reason honey has been recognized as a cure for acne is that it contains antimicrobial properties that help fight bacteria and the inflammation associated with acne.

There is a difference, however, between different types of honey.  Not all honey is effective against bacteria and in treating acne and therefore you might not get the results or the health benefits you are looking for using regular honey. There is a special type of honey, however, called Manuka honey that is produced by bees that get nectar from the Manuka bush in New Zealand.  Studies have shown that this type of honey contains powerful antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that are not found in regular honey. 

Manuka honey differs from other types of honey because it does not lose its potency after being diluted, it diffuses deep in the skin, it is not affected by heat or light and does not require moisture or oxygen to be effective. All of that makes this honey extra special.

They've labelled this type of honey with a UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rating which is something you should look for.  The higher the UMF rating means the higher the strength and effectiveness. The important thing to remember is if you intend on using this type of honey to treat acne you want to buy raw, active honey that has not been processed. Many manufactures also make products specifically for acne out of this kind of honey, but not all products are created equal.   Look for products that contain at least 5% honey in the product to be remotely effective.

You can use Manuka honey to treat acne in a variety of ways.  The most common way is to use it as a mask.  Make a mask out of Manuka honey and apply directly to your face once or twice a week just before bedtime.  A simple mask can be made with honey alone or with 3 Tbs honey and a little lemon juice, cinnamon, oatmeal or toasted wheat germ.  Leave the mask on your face for up to 20 minutes and rinse off with a warm washcloth. You can also dab a little honey directly on your blemish daily to help with inflammation and redness.

Many people swear by the use of honey to cure acne, however, everyone is different and your result might vary from others who have tried it. If you are searching for a natural treatment that works on acne, Manuka honey might be just the ticket.

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