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Honey Lover’s Corner: Raw Honey Varieties That Are Worth Trying

raw honey

You may not know it yet, but the world of honey is wildly diverse. There are more than 300 varieties of raw honey in the market - and each type has its unique flavour, texture, sweetness level, and yes, health benefits!

You may be accustomed to slapping it on your toast for a quick snack, adding it to your tea as a healthy alternative to processed sweeteners like sugar, or even using it in your skincare routine. That is well and good

But did you know that bees that feed on the nectar of certain plants produce monoflower honey that has a completely unique flavour, consistency, and nutritional profile?

So, as a treat for honey lovers, we are covering different types of raw herbal honeys and their specific health benefits. Let’s dive right into the exotic world of this delicious superfood!

What is Honey?

First things first. Honey is a wonderfully healthy alternative to processed (or refined) sugar - and it has been in use since ancient times. We stumbled on this treasure trove of energy, nutrients, and antioxidants almost 6000 years ago - and it has been a part of our diet and remedies ever since.

At a very basic level, honey is a supersaturated sugar solution produced by bees when they feed on flower nectar, pollen, and plant sap. The bees break honey down to simple sugars before depositing it in the honeycomb where it becomes thicker and more concentrated because of evaporation.

Since honey contains simple sugars and added enzymes left behind by honeybees, it is an easy to digest superfood that instantly energises the body. It contains over 180 micro and macronutrients including vitamins, essential minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, flavonoids, and electrolytes.

Because of its unique composition and delightfully sweet flavour, raw honey had a wide range of remedial and culinary uses in the past. The first written records referring to this delicious compound as a soothing drug and ointment were found on a Sumerian tablet (dating back to 2100-2000 BC). The ancient Greeks and Egyptians also swore by honey and its health benefits.

Raw Honey vs Regular Honey

Should you use raw honey or regular (processed) honey? Both varieties of honey are very different because they are processed differently. Raw honey is fully organic and natural honey that is squeezed straight from the honeycomb. It is crude honey, with all its natural healthful contents preserved in their original form.

Regular honey aka processed or refined honey is heated, pasteurised, and strained before the bottling process. Because it is exposed to high temperature and aggressive filtering techniques, it loses some of its natural compounds and flavour.

If you want to try honey for its unique taste and health benefits, you should pick raw honey. Since raw honey is not heated or filtered any further after it is harvested, it has a more natural flavour. It contains more nutrients, therapeutic compounds, pollen content, and antioxidants compared to regular honey.

Raw Honey Varieties and Benefits

The honey universe is vast and endless! Whether you are a honey lover or trying to make healthier choices, you can pick from a range of herbal, floral, or forest honey - just remember to go for raw honey so you experience its benefits and flavour to the fullest.

Here, we have listed main varieties of raw honey against their benefits and unique flavour profile:

Raw Black Seed Manuka Honey - An antioxidant powerhouse; Ethiopian black seed extracts infused with raw manuka honey from New Zealand. A unique flavor with medium sweetness leaves a pleasant and subtle aftertaste. Perfect for tea, salads, and a variety of desserts

Raw Acacia Honey - Sourced from the Romanian hillsides untouched by noise, disruption, and pollution. Also known as moonflower honey because of its pale and light colour. Classic honey with a clean, balanced sweetness and a delicately floral aftertaste. Least acidic and allergenic of all honeys. Suitable for diabetics and weight watchers because of its low sugar content

Raw Thyme Honey - An antioxidant-rich honey with potent antimicrobial properties. This dark amber honey is sourced from the thyme grooves of Greece. Mild to medium sweet with an aftertaste of spice and herbs. Adds flavour to salads and goes well with a variety of dishes.

Raw Fir Tree Honey - A rare specialty honey with low sugar content. Medium to dark amber in colour and thick in consistency. Harvested from the sprawling high altitude forests of Greece where there is no air pollution, human activity, or noise. A layered flavour profile with gentle to medium sweetness, subtle spicy notes, and a smooth pine aftertaste. Rich in plant-based compounds that nourish the body, perfect if you are trying to lose weight because of its low sugar content.

Raw Lime Honey - A monoflower honey extracted from the Linden trees in the Romanian mountainside. Light yellow in color, may darken over time. Medium to high sweet paired with subtle zesty notes. Has a thick texture and low natural acidity. One of the most vitamin-rich varieties of honey that is also thought to soothe the mind and regulate sleep. Goes well with elaborate dishes, salads, healthy snacks, and beverages.

Raw Chestnut Honey - A thick light to dark amber raw honey with a unique aromatic flavour, low sweetness, and a pleasant smoky aftertaste. Has a thick texture Produced by honey bees in the chestnut groves of Greece. Valued for its complex savoury taste and paired with meat dishes, roasted vegetables, salads, cheeses, and desserts.

Wild Forest Honey - A light to deep amber medium sweet honey with a thick texture, low natural acidity, and a woody, floral aroma with fruity notes. Harvested from bees that feed on wildflowers in the Romanian hillsides. Rich nutritional profile with healthy amounts of vitamins, minerals, plant-based antioxidants, flavonoids, and more. Pair with salads and cold beverages to sweeten them

Yemeni Sidr - A rare specialty honey sourced from the Sidr (Jujube) trees in Yemen where beekeeping is a revered tradition. Unique taste with medium to strong sweetness, thick consistency, and dark colour. Well known for its therapeutic properties and a healthier replacement for refined sugar. Goes well with salads and beverages.

 Looking for Raw Honey?

Nature’s Blends is a one-stop shop for all things natural, pure and organic. Visit our raw honey collection for a variety of delicious and healthy options. All our products are harvested using gentle techniques and completely free from any artificial ingredients or additives. We do not process our honey and bring it to you straight from the bee comb.

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