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Does Shilajit Increase Estrogen

Does Shilajit Increase EstrogenShilajit is a material found in rocks in the Himalayan mountains that is tar-like and sticky. It has been used for many years in traditional Indian medicine to treat various ailments, including hormone imbalances.

According to certain scientific research, shilajit may raise estrogen levels. Shilajit, for instance, was found to elevate estrogen levels in rats with ovarian failure in one study. According to a different study, shilajit helped PCOS-afflicted women have more regular periods and experience fewer menstrual pains.

Shilajit is hypothesized to elevate estrogen levels by promoting the most potent form of estrogen, estradiol, to be produced. Additionally, it contains substances with estrogen-like characteristics.

Estrogen: A Critical Review

Although men also have modest levels of this family of sex hormones, estrogen is mostly present in females. Estrogen is essential for some biological processes, including:

Regulating the Menstrual Cycle: 

Estrogen is a female hormone that regulates the menstrual cycle and is involved in the puberty-related development of secondary sexual traits.

Maintaining Bone Density:

Estrogen aids in maintaining bone density and plays a part in preventing osteoporosis.

Supporting Cardiovascular Health: 

It protects the cardiovascular system and helps keep blood vessels in good condition.

Affecting Mood and Cognitive Function:

Estrogen levels can affect mood and cognitive function, with variations contributing to mood swings and changes in cognition over the menstrual cycle.

How to consume shilajit for more estrogen

Shilajit is marketed as a liquid, powder, and capsule. The suggested dosage for elevated estrogen levels is 250–500 mg per day.

You can take shilajit with or without food. It is better to take it in the morning or early afternoon because taking it too close to bedtime can make it difficult to fall asleep.

Asides from shilajit

Most people may normally feel comfortable around Shilajit. However, it can have adverse effects for certain people, including diarrhea, headaches, and upset stomachs.

Additionally, certain drugs, including blood thinners and diabetes medicines, may interact with shilajit. If you are currently using any medications, seeing your doctor before taking shilajit is crucial.


The connection between shilajit and estrogen has not been thoroughly investigated by science. Shilajit may have adaptogenic and anti-stress effects. However, it is unknown how this substance affects estrogen levels.

It is essential to seek medical advice if you are considering shilajit for a particular health issue, such as hormonal balance. They can offer individualized advice and suggest suitable treatments or interventions based on your particular requirements and medical background.

Like any natural medicine, shilajit can have various effects, and people will react differently. Shilajit may have potential advantages for overall health and well-being, including hormonal balance, but further research is needed to understand its mechanisms and these benefits fully.


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