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Black Seed Oil And Weight Loss | How Black Seed Helps With Weight Loss?

black seed oil & weight loss


You must have heard how miraculously black seed consumption can lead to weight loss. And if you are looking for natural ways to shred some extra pounds, you surely have googled the role of black seed oil in making your stomach slimmer.

The trendy supplement “black seed cumin oil”, typically acknowledged as a “panacea” - a universal healer, is claimed to help in losing weight, but does it truly help? Various medical studies have proved that black seed oil may help reduce BMI, particularly in individuals suffering from metabolic syndrome or Diabetes Mellitus (DM) type 2. You can add black seed oil to your dietary routine to reach your weight goals faster in a harmless manner. One mystery is solved, BUT…unfortunately, the mystery of its exact mechanism is still unresolved and stays unknown.

The benefits of black seed oil are endless, but we need more in-depth research on kalonji oil and weight gain to ensure its safety and guaranteed efficacy in dropping weight!

Nikola Djordjevic, MD, says: “Even though the sample of studies is small to non-existent when it comes to using black seed oil for weight loss, I would say there’s no harm in trying it given its other potent properties. Surely, it can benefit your overall health. But if you want to lose weight and obtain a healthy lifestyle, think about changing your overall diet first.” 

Black Seed and Weight Loss In The Light Of Medical Literature

systemic review published on Kalonji seeds and weight loss in the Journal of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders has proved the presence of potent anti-obesity compounds in the black seed oil, making it suitable to be included in the composition of fat-burning supplements. Cumin seeds and weight loss are connected through their anti-obesity properties, letting seed or oil aid in weight maintenance by reducing weight gain triggers, suppressing appetite, balancing hormones, maintaining triglyceride levels, and decreasing glucose absorption. 

A famous and one of the foremost 8-week studies regarding cumin seed and weight provided evidence that obese individuals can lose weight when given a low-calorie diet in a combination of black seed oil capsules. Indirectly or directly, it cuts down fats, makes your waist circumference thinner, and improves blood levels of triglyceride and LDL (bad) cholesterol.

Another study of 20 people explained the faster weight loss upon consumption of black seeds along with following the aerobic exercise regime (source: International Journal of Preventive Medicine). You can also achieve better weight-loss results and witness a significant reduction in body fat percentage by consuming turmeric and black seeds in combination.

The latest evidence is provided in a 2018 study (source: Journal of Ethnopharmacology), where individuals who took black seed oil depicted a reduction in body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference at a greater margin.

How Black Seed Is Beneficial For Weight Loss - The Black Seed Oil Pills And Weight Loss 

Is black seed oil good for weight loss?

In light of scientific and medical research, we can conclude that instead of directly affecting body weight and melting away the fat, the black seed oil capsule works as an effective dietary supplement that plays supportive in decreasing body weight, especially belly fat. The black cumin seed and weight loss have a very close connection. This natural weight-loss remedy works in unique ways to potentially smoothen the weight-loss process.

weight loss

  • One of the most acknowledged reasons behind body fat loss is its ability to initiate the partial regeneration of pancreatic beta-cells gradually, ultimately balancing the glucose-insulin serum concentration (increasing the dropping serum insulin level and plummeting the increased serum glucose level). As soon as your body stabilizes the glucose, your cravings or yearnings will significantly reduce.
  • It is best used for digestion/GIT issues. It helps you get rid of gas and bloating, improving overall digestion. A healthy gut supports a healthy weight!
  • Black kalonji seeds’ active components act as a natural appetite suppressant as it reduces the feeling of hunger.
  • Black seed’s bioactive components accelerate the fat metabolism for gradual weight loss. 
  • Black cumin seeds are rich in Vitamin B, which helps them to speed up passive fat-burning. The results will be more calorie expenditure than consumption. It not only jumpstarts the energy metabolism but also balances it while creating a calorie deficit (increase in the basal metabolic rate).
  • Being a soluble fiber-rich supplement, a spoonful of seeds averts over-eating. The feelings of satiety and fullness stop you from consuming food in larger portions. You will eat less and feel full.
  • Another significant factor behind obesity is genes. Surprisingly, cumin seeds are capable of affecting gene expression related to appetite suppression and fat accumulation. It can be consumed as safe adjuvant therapy.
  • The black seed oil benefits your weight-loss efforts with Thymoquinone (TQ) - a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent. It fights off infections and controls inflammation, which are key triggers of obesity.

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