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Can Black Seed Oil Cure Toothache And Gum Diseases? Black Seed Oil Benefits For Oral Health

It might sound shocking, but if you have been taking synthetic pain killers or any other oral care medication comprising preservatives and especially steroids to counter oral and teeth-related issues, you are playing a very dangerous game. Steroidal synthetic drugs will only harm you rather than improve your condition. 

There are plenty of herbal medicines present to cure dental problems – from carries to toothache, decay to plaque. According to medical scientists, black seed oil has been chosen as one of the most effective herbal remedies. It is safe to be consumed by kids, teens, and the aged, but everyone must be advised to not exceed the recommended dosage of black seed oil. 

Are you confused about what are the benefits of black seed oil for oral care? Pure Nigella Sativa is widely acknowledged being an incredible curative drug for toothache and smooth dental health rework to control tooth decay, fight gum infection, and relieve pus-filled sores and painful discomfiture. It can give you an oral refreshment and protection from infectious or bleeding gum diseases. Excellent dental care benefits!

Yes, toothpaste is necessary for teeth cleaning. Still, a simple addition of black cumin seeds oil in your oral care routine will save you from aching teeth, weakened tooth structures, bad breath (halitosis), premature loss of teeth, and the list continues.

Why is Black Seed Oil Effective for Toothache and Oral Health?

  • Can black seed oil cure gum disease? Yes.
  • Is black seed oil good for toothache? Yes.
  • Is black seed oil good for tooth infection? Yes.
  • Is black seed oil good for oil pulling? Yes.
  • Can using black seed oil for tooth decay be beneficial? Yes.

We can continue answering your questions about black seed oil and oral care because the health benefits of black seed oil for the mouth are unlimited. The reason ack seed oil is prized for oral maintenance is its active constituent “thymoquinone (TQ).”

On the one hand, this compound is a natural analgesic, making it highly beneficial for reducing toothache. On the other hand, it is a potent anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, and anti-bacterial agent that lets the black cumin seed oil play an essential role in tooth care and maintaining gingival health. A big credit goes to its anti-plaque characteristics, which fight off dental caries as well as periodontal diseases.

Moreover, this nutritional oral health enhancer comes packed with anti-fungal components, which clean the gum, teeth, and tongue to the maximum. With its powerful anti-microbial traits, cumin seed oil restricts or inhibits bacterial growth, ultimately whitening your teeth naturally.

So, now you know what is black seed oil good for!

Dental Problems Organic Black Seed Oil Can Treat

  1. The most significant dental problems are caries, plaque, and tooth decay. Black cumin seed oil extracts use their bactericidal properties to not only block the adherence of Streptococcus mutants to the teeth for plaque control but also kill gram-positive bacteria to restrict the spread of decay.
  2. Its antiplaque activity minimizes the risks of periodontal and gingival diseases.
  3. Cumin black seed oil has healing properties, letting you overtake mouth ulcers and mucositis caused due to cancer treatments (during chemotherapy and radiation therapy).
  4. An excellent herbal remedy against oral yeast infection.
  5. It can treat antibiotic-resistant oral infections. 
  6. The black seed oil can naturally strengthen your weakened/weakening teeth. It is a proven remedy to avert severe dental conditions, such as prematurely tooth falling, which is usually followed by gum swelling and heavy bleeding.
  7. Very useful in pediatric dentistry (oral problems in children).
  8. Speeds up the recovery of bones from dental extraction.
  9. Individuals with oral cancer can benefit from black seed cumin oil, which can effectively suppress the growth of oral cancer cells by improving immunity and lowering the resistance of the cancerous cells.
  10. Pure black seed oil controls and prevents nerve or pulpal inflammation.
  11. Black seed oil antifungal properties make it an easier solution to restore the white enamel, giving your teeth better resilience to frequent attacks of bacteria.
  12. An excellent choice for reducing the inflammation of gums.
  13. Cumin black seed oil plays a supportive role in improving the osseointegration of dental implants.
  14. Highly beneficial to making the tooth rework a smoother process as it strengthens and restructures the dentin section of the teeth by providing the needed essential nutrients and phytochemicals along with vitamins.
  15. An instant cure for bleeding gums.

How to Use Black Seed Oil?

  • To get rid of aching tooth, soreness, and tenderness, you must rub pure black seed oil over the painful part with washed hands. Keep rubbing gently with a gap of 15 seconds to get better, instant results.
  • For developing the dentin section and crown of the teeth, use a healthy mixture of 1-2 tsp. of black cumin seeds oil and honey.
  • How to use black seed oil for gum disease? Make a balanced mixture of ½ tsp. Black seed cumin oil half in sufficient water and gargle for oral refreshment.
  • For curing teeth problems such as yellowing, weakening, or bleeding and foul mouth odor, the best practice is to use a blend of ½ tsp. Kalonji oil and 1 cup curd. It must be applied twice a day.
  • The oil pulling method - whirling and swishing the cooled down/room temperature black cumin seeds oil in the mouth and then flushing it out after 10-20 minutes to keep the teeth, gum and the oral environment hygienic.
  • Another way to benefit from cumin seed oil is to place oil-soaked cotton for 15-20 minutes on the aching tooth or sore gums. Continue the use for a week.
  • Make a liquid mix of vinegar (1 tsp) and organic black seed oil (½ tsp) and either apply it to the affected area for up to 3 minutes and rinse your mouth OR gargle it for 2 minutes. A perfect mixture of black cumin seed oil for tooth infection.

Ethiopian Black Seed Oil from Cold-Pressed Premium Quality Black Seeds

You can avail the maximum advantages of Black Seed oil's powerful healing properties only if it is raw and 100% organic. And Nature’s Blends provides the oil in its purest form with 2.5% TQ, directly sourced from the fertile lands of Ethiopia. 

After cold press extraction and minimal filtration, we present you with the cumin oil with the highest level of volatility at 3.9%. Free of additives and synthetic preservatives, this cold pressed black seed oil food supplement is safe to be consumed twice daily. Buy Nature's Blends black seed oil and enjoy an active healthy life!

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