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Black Seed Oil: An All-Natural Defense Against COVID-19

Organic Black Seeds

Presently, our only line of defense against the novel coronavirus disease is a robust and healthy immune system. COVID-19 is a completely new virus so it may take us anywhere between a year or two  to develop a vaccine that combats it effectively.

However, one thing we know for sure; our body has a natural defense system that springs into action when we come into contact with any foreign particles or pathogens (viruses or bacteria).

This defense system, consisting of organs, cells, tissues, and proteins is called our immune system. When any harmful foreign agent (e-g a disease-causing virus) enters our body, our immune system releases special proteins called antibodies to combat them.

Vaccines work by supporting the immune system and training it to recognise and fight pathogens - but since a vaccine is not available for the novel coronavirus yet, we completely rely on our immune response to fight this disease.

Our immune system requires certain nutrients and biomolecules to function optimally. Consuming specific food items can build up your immunity, help you combat illnesses, alleviate your symptoms and keep you healthy in the long run.

So, if you’re wondering what you can do to remain healthy and protect yourself against COVID-19, following preventive guidelines  and incorporating immunity-building foods in your diet can go a long way.

Natural Panacea: Black Seed Oil

Nature has a lot of wisdom to offer - and mankind has been its recipient since the beginning of times. Black seed oil  is one such gift from nature.

Black seeds are filled to the brim with natural goodness; they contain a health-giving cocktail of beneficial nutrients, antioxidants, and phytomolecules.

That’s why black seeds were historically considered a panacea and used to cure a wide range of ailments, ranging from inflammation and digestive issues to injuries and breathing conditions. 

Black seed oil is packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, antioxidants, anti-histamines, and plant-based terpenes all of which play an important role in the immune system.

 So, if you’re on the lookout for a superfood that you can include in your diet plan to build your body’s natural defenses so you can fight against the coronavirus and other such viruses, the black seed oil is worth trying.

Black Seed Oil for COVID-19

The coronavirus is a new virus we haven’t encountered previously - so we’re still in the process of fully understanding it and how it affects the body. Since we’re in the initial stages of research, we haven’t yet studied the effects of black seed oil on the coronavirus.

What we do know is that the coronavirus is an enveloped virus that causes a respiratory disease by attacking the lungs and airways. Once the coronavirus enters the body (if someone already infected by the virus coughs nearby or you transfer the virus to your face after contact with an infected surface), it first targets the cells lining your throat, airways, and lungs before spreading to the rest of the body. 

The good news is that 8 out of 10 people get infected with COVID-19 only develop mild flu-like symptoms (fever, dry or productive cough, body aches & sore throat) before recovering completely. During this time, the immune system is busy combatting the coronavirus so supporting it with superfoods like black seed oil may alleviate some of your symptoms.

The anti-viral properties of black seed oil have been widely studied. Black seed oil is rich in Thymol, a powerful disinfectant with anti-microbial properties. Black cumin seed oil is also loaded with antioxidants that reduce cell damage by countering free radicals. There is also some evidence  that black seed oil can effectively destroy other enveloped viruses.

Due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties, the black seed oil is particularly effective against viral infections  like common cold and influenza. Regularly consuming black seed oil promotes the production of white blood cells and builds our immunity so we’re less likely to get infected when exposed to a virus.

Consuming black seed oil when you have a flu can also alleviate your discomfort and provide some relief. Black seed oil reduces inflammation in our airways, throat, and lungs and reduces symptoms like wheezing, sneezing and chest congestion.

Due to its rich natural content, black seed oil can be rightfully called a powerhouse of immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory compounds. It relaxes our airways and chest muscles, eliminates breathing difficulties and reduces coughing. Black seed oil is also said to be effective against a range of respiratory conditions such as allergies and asthma.

Since the coronavirus primarily targets our respiratory system and causes flu-like symptoms, taking black seed oil may relax our airways and alleviate COVID-19 symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, breathing difficulties and congestion.

Black seed oil contains health-boosting nutrients that the body requires to form a coherent immune response to any foreign threat. It also boosts our immunity by regulating our sleep cycle and reducing oxidative stress on the body.

So, if you’re looking for immunity-boosting foods that can protect you against coronavirus, begin by including black seed oil to your diet!

How to Take Black Seed Oil?

Black seed oil is very versatile but it should be taken raw because it is a volatile oil. Exposing it to high temperatures can denature its natural content and reduce its potency. Here are some of the ways you can benefit from black seed oil:

Black Seed Oil

You can take black seed oil directly by mixing it in some warm water or honey or you can use it as a seasoning for your salads. You can even include black seed oil in your beverages so feel free to stir a spoonful in your evening tea.

Black Seed Capsules

A convenient option for those people who don’t like the strong taste of black seed oil. You can go for plain black seed capsules, black seed & turmeric (vegan) capsules or black seed & glucosamine capsules, depending on your personal preferences.

Black Seeds

Black seeds  are packed with flavour. Because of their unique taste and strong aroma, they are used as a key culinary ingredient in different parts of the world. If you want to have black seeds in their most natural form, try our pure Ethiopian black seeds. Toss them on salads, eat them raw or add them to your soups, the choice is yours.

Black Seed & Manuka Honey

Use black seed and manuka honey to reap the combined benefits of black seed and honey. Like black seed oil, honey also contains enzymes, nutrients and powerful antioxidants that can give your immune system a boost. Slap some back seed & manuka honey blend onto your toast and enjoy a healthy breakfast!

Stay Safe!

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