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Coconut Oil - Continuously Bringing you Nature's Finest

In keeping with our promise of bringing you the healthiest superfoods from across the globe, we travelled to an exotic Island in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, here we found Organic Virgin Coconut Oil which we have now brought to you.

Extracted from fresh Coconut flesh without chemical processing, this Virgin Coconut Oil is celebrated for its purity and nutritional value.

Let’s look at just some of the benefits of this wonder oil when used as a food or beauty treatment.

coconut oil brain function

Boosting of Immune system and improving Brain Function

Coconut Oil contains lauric acid which is known to fight bacteria and viruses. Overgrowth of bacteria and viruses in the body leads to many diseases.

Coconut Oil is full of fatty acids which are easily absorbed in the body and can be accessed by the brain without the use of insulin and so they are able to fuel the cells in the brain more efficiently.


Improves Energy and Digestion

As we said above, Coconut Oil is easily absorbed in to the body and so it digests quickly as well which produces sustained energy and increases your metabolism. With unrefined and untreated Virgin Coconut Oil, the fatty acids are sent directly to the liver to be converted in to energy.

Endurance athletes use Coconut oil as their main source of fuel for long distance events. A combination of Raw Honey and Coconut Oil is perfect pre-exercise drink.

coconut oil for skin

Treat Skin Issues

Coconut Oil is a brilliant moisturiser and is used to treat many skin disorders. The lauric acid within the oil reduces inflammation both internally and externally and is suitable for all types of skin.

It also protects the skin owing to its anti-oxidant properties, this also aids in the healing of damaged skin.


Weight Loss with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is one of only a few no-carb oils out there, this coupled with its energy boosting properties is beneficial for losing weight.

Various studies have shown a reduction in food consumption and loss of body fat with regular use of unrefined virgin Coconut Oil. It may seem bizarre at first, Coconut Oil, essentially a fatty acid, how does it contribute to fat loss? Well the secret lies in the ability of this fatty acid to control several phycological processes which regulate the appetite. Furthermore, with the sustained release of energy, you will fell less hungry and so the need to consume food will obviously will reduce. 

In fact, when subjects of the study were examined, they observed that fat loss occurred at levels which are only experienced when fasting. Researchers therefore speak highly of Coconut oil.

All this goodness, brought to you from the exotic lands of Sri Lanka can be yours for only £8.50 today.

Add this Organic Virgin Cold Pressed Coconut Oil to your diet and experience these amazing benefits.

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