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Benefits of Raw Honey including Weight Loss

A jar of raw organic lime honey

A study in 2014 found over 60% of adults in the UK were overweight. In fact, as early as 2017, the UK was found to me the most obese nation in western Europe. With our diets increasingly being loaded with high levels of processed sugar, it is no wonder many of us suffer from dangerous levels of obesity, this of course also contributes to many other illnesses such as diabetes and indigestion.

According to various research papers, switching to Raw Honey from sugar carries many health benefits including loss of excess fat. Raw Honey is essentially honey as nature intended it, packed full of incredible nutritional value. Raw Honey is unfiltered, unpasteurized, un-heated with no additives. Supermarket honey on the other hand is very often stripped of its nutritional benefits and processed to a point whereby it would be questionable as to whether it is still honey! Commercial honeys are heavily processed, excessively heated and may also be chemically refined.

weight loss

A high sugar diet gives a false sense of increased energy levels which is why we love to consume it, these supposed spikes in energy however are of course artificial and are followed by crashes which affect our mood. Research has linked high sugar intake with increased risk of depression. By contrast, Raw Honey which contains natural sugars, provides an easily absorbed source of energy making it perfect for an energetic start to the morning. It can also be used as a pre and post exercise energy source. It is one of the best carbohydrates to consume before exercising.

Furthermore, Raw Honey has been known to improve and promote sleep, by consuming honey before bed, the glycogen of the liver is restocked which prevents the brain from searching for energy and waking you up. Poor sleep has been shown to increase the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity. All these risks are lowered as Raw Honey is a natural sleep aid.


All our honeys are sourced from some of the most exotic places around the world. We pride ourselves in only sourcing natural, raw and unpasteurised honeys, thereby ensuring all the nutritional goodness is retained.

Theyme honey jar 340g

Why not add Nature’s Blends Raw Thyme Honey to your diet. Sourced from the exotic lands of Spain, Thyme Honey encompasses a unique flavour profile and intense taste. Its beautiful colour with slight hughes of orange, red, and yellow captures the very plant this honey is sourced from. Thyme honey also has a herbal aroma with hints of intense spice that will wake your senses. Have a sore or dry throat? The cooling sensation and subtly spicy scent of Thyme Honey will clear it up in an instant.

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