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Key 4 Benefits Of Manuka Honey For Acne

manuka honey for acne

You must have heard how healthy raw Manuka honey can be for physical health, but you must not forget how brilliant this tasteful treat can be for acne-prone skin – thanks to its potent anti-oxidant, probiotic, and antimicrobial actions!

Being an all-natural cleanser and exfoliator, 100% pure Manuka honey can do wonders for sensitive, scarred, and inflamed skin by retaining moisture and preventing the overproduction of sebum. From lowering the pH to quicken the pimples-healing process to making your skin look clearer, raw honey makes it a good choice against acne. You can see Manuka honey and acne reviews to get an idea of how much it is trending!

It feels mild and gentle even for individuals with skin problems, such as eczema and rosacea. Luckily, incredibly versatile honey seems to go well for all skin types (dry, oily, mature).

Kavita Mariwalla, a dermatologist in West Islip, NYC, says, "Raw honey works to make inflammatory acne look less angry because it has an osmotic effect on the skin—it can draw out [excess fluid] and help reduce inflammation."

Instead of loathing chemical-laden, commercially produced products on the face, use Manuka honey to maintain the natural balance of your skin’s pH level, improve your skin’s appearance, remove dead cell debris, and nourish dry skin without drying out natural oils.

4 Manuka Honey Benefits for Acne | How Does Manuka Honey Work Against Acne?

Using Manuka honey for treating or preventing acne is a well-known practice BUT remember…it won’t stop acne from popping over the night.

Manuka honey and acne makes good partners. On the one hand, a honey-based cleanser fights inflammation and clears your pores. On the other hand, it stimulates healthy sebum production and secretion and moisturizes your skin.

Honey, with its natural calming qualities, Methylglyoxal, antibiotic properties, and gentle actions, ensure to remove acne-causing bacteria, dirt, and other gems from your clogged pores to pacify inflamed acne blotches, cut down swelling, and minimize redness.

Flora explains this great weapon against bad skin, “Manuka honey can be hydrating. And that’s from that fructose, glucose and some amino acids found in the honey. It has strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.”

1.  Beneficial Antioxidant Protection

One of the significant advantages of Manuka honey is its ability to heal acne wounds faster by suppressing the production of reactive oxygen species that may be highly skin-damaging. This downregulation of free radicals minimises cell damage.

Manuka may activate fibroblasts (cells prized for body protection against oxidative stress) to make honey a beneficial pick for improving anti-ageing activities.

To continue Manuka honey and acne treatment together, you must consult your dermatologist.

2.  Humectant & Emollient Properties

Manuka honey and acne scars?

Manuka honey has a suitable composition to hydrate your skin and relieve dryness which can make you scratch dry and itchy pimples. Honey locks the moisture inside the skin to make it look younger and feel softer, along with reducing acne-related scarring.

Being a natural emollient, it plays a major role in providing extra skin protection during the healing process, as cells need huge amount of water to function at their maximum. The presence of hydrogen peroxide also helps alleviate hyperpigmentation and acne scars.

benefits of manuka honey

3.  Potent Antibacterial Properties

MGO (Methylglyoxal) is a prime element that makes Manuka honey unique and beneficial!

Bacteria may not only initiate pimple-outbreak but also infect skin pores. The combination of hydrogen peroxide and Methylglyoxal gives honey strong antimicrobial qualities to destroy harmful pathogens. Scientifically, raw honey may act resilient against various bacteria (about 60 species of bacteria), particularly e.coli and MRSA. 

  • It helps to keep bacteria at bay by maintaining the pH level required to promote the growth of only healthy skin surface microflora. A well-balanced pH promotes clear skin while getting rid of skin irritation.
  • Moreover, it pulls water out of the bacteria (hygroscopic nature), which deems necessary for bacteria survival.
  • Due to higher sugar content, microbial growth is hindered.

It is effective to combat antibiotic-resistant pathogens, as well. The recommended MGO rating for acne treatment is at least 500. Apart from limiting or halting bacterial overproduction, it prevents spot formation.

4.  Effective Anti-Inflammatory

According to a study, "the anti-inflammatory properties of Manuka honey have not been matched in honey derived from other species of bees.”

That means raw Manuka honey’s natural compounds seem to be more potent anti-inflammatory agents than other honey varieties, making it valuable for skin conditions to overturn the spread and intensity of localised inflammation by suppressing inflammatory enzymes. Along with beating off acne breakouts, it reduces pain and calms down redness caused by acne.

Tip: Use Manuka honey and turmeric for acne to boost anti-inflammatory qualities.

Premium-Grade Raw Manuka Honey

After reading all the benefits of Manuka honey for combatting acne, you must be pumped to buy yourself a jar of a healthy, nutritious, delicious, and rare sweet delicacy.

Nature’s Blends brings exquisite Manuka honey range in various MGO ratings. Made with natural, high-quality ingredients, our specialty Manuka honey can help you achieve an energetic lifestyle and healthy skin. Sourced from the sunny coastline of New Zealand, it is a superfood packed with pollen content, bioactive, and enzymes

We also have a classic combination of Manuka honey and black seed. If you want to enjoy their mutual benefits, order your jar now!

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