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Argan Oil: Nature’s Wonderful Gift to Mankind

Argan Oil

Also known as ‘liquid gold’, Argan Oil has a wide array of health, beauty and culinary applications. This amber tinted oil is rich in essential nutrients, anti-inflammatory compounds as well as antioxidants. Argan Oil has earned its place as a beauty staple and we should thank Nature for this wonderfully replenishing magic potion.


Brief History of Argan Oil

Argan Oil has been around for centuries, more than 3,500 years to be precise. Phoenicians from the fertile Crescent were enthralled by Argan Oil, so they wrote about how Moroccan locals used it to heal and replenish themselves. These recorded accounts date back to 1550 BC. Europe was introduced to Argan Oil a lot later in 16thcentury. For the longest time, the use of this exotic oil as a skincare and culinary product was only restricted to the upper class in Europe because it was expensive.

Argan Oil is extracted from Argan nuts which are found inside the fleshy fruits of Argan Tree which grows only in the southwest regions of the Kingdom of Morocco. That is why Argan oil is sometimes referred to as ‘Moroccan Oil’.


Benefits of Argan Oil 

The rich content of Argan Oil has made it a ‘miracle remedy’ for face, skin and hair. Here’s what this wonderfully replenishing natural oil can do for your skin, face and hair:


Benefits of Argan Oil for Skin

Argan oil is loaded to the brim with natural compounds that detoxify the skin, aid its repair and regrowth and keep it hydrated. Here’s what Argan oil can do for your skin:

Moroccan Oil reduces inflammation 

Argan oil contains powerful antioxidants such as ferulic acid. These antioxidants are helpful in controlling skin issues such as inflammation and swelling caused by free radicals. Ferulic acid aids in reducing free radical activity and, in turn, reduces skin inflammation.

Argan Oil also helps in the production of prostaglandin, which is a lipid compound with anti-inflammatory properties.  Our body requires fatty acids to synthesize prostaglandin and Argan oil is rich in essential fatty acids. This makes Argan oil an ideal choice for skincare. Studies have shown that this exotic oil can help against acne and reduce the risk of breakouts.

Argan oil helps with stretch marks 

Applying Argan oil to your skin can reduce stretch marks. In fact, Argan oil is one of the best oils for stretch marks. That is because Argan oil contains essential nutrients and compounds that increase the elasticity of our skin and help it regenerate. Vitamin E, sterols and omega fatty acids present in Argan oil can help prevent stretch marks and reduce the severity of existing marks and blemishes.

Argan oil is also rich in Tocopherols and Linoleic acid which reduce free radical activity in the skin and help it heal. Argan oil is best for stretch marks because it is completely organic, safe and non-toxic which makes it a great oil for pregnant women and children.

Benefits of Argan Oil for Face 

Argan Oil is great for overall skin care but it can work wonders when used in face masks or simply applied topically. Dousing a swab in pure Argan oil and dabbing it on can moisturise your face and make your complexion more radiant:

Argan Oil is the perfect moisturiser

Argan Oil contains a cocktail of beneficial compounds such as vitamin E, sterols, squalene and essential fatty acids. These compounds protect and nourish the skin by restoring its outer hydrolipidic film. This helps the skin retain its moisture and remain supple.

Fatty acids, present in Moroccan Oil also prevent the skin from drying out by aiding sebum production. Unlike other raw oils, Argan oil is light, super absorbent and non-greasy so it neither sticks to the skin nor makes it greasy.


Benefits of Argan Oil for Hair:

Due to its non-greasy hydrating effect, Argan oil is also great for hair care. It can add shine and volume to your hair, get rid of frizz and reduce scalp dryness. Here’s how it promotes hair regrowth:

Argan Oil for luscious locks

Because Argan oil is rich in fat content, it is great for hydrating dry hair, reducing frizz and eliminating dandruff. The oil gets absorbed into the scalp quickly and moisturises hair from within. The oil is also amazing for split ends and treated hair because it boosts hair regrowth and repairs damage. You can also use a few drops of raw Argan oil as a serum to tame your mane on bad hair days because pure Argan oil is lightweight and almost odourless!


Where can I find best Argan Oil for stretch marks? 

Nature’s Blends can help with that. Our pure Argan oil is extracted from the kernals of Moroccan Argan Trees. Our cold-pressed oils contain no additives because we believe in bringing you the finest nature has to offer. Reap the excellent benefits of our all natural, 100% organic Moroccan oil sourced from the foothills of Atlas. Order a bottle of the best Argan Oil for stretch marks at Nature's Blends

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