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A Must Use During this Pandemic

Ever since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic we have all been searching for something that would help us build up a protective shield against it


When it all started to change

The virus was declared a pandemic on 11 March 2020. Ever since this day nothing is the same anymore. Everything that we used to consider to be a norm for ourselves was suddenly taken away from us. The fear of catching the virus kept us confined to our homes. The fear for our own selves and most importantly for our loved ones has all of us scrambling to find a way to build up a strong enough immunity so that we can build up a layer of immunity that is strong enough to stand against the COVID 19.


How to identify if you are covid 19 positive?

There are two types of coronavirus. The symptomatic and asymptomatic. The asymptomatic  virus does not show any signs or symptoms whereas the symptomatic coronavirus shows its symptoms. These symptoms vary from person to person.

The prominent symptoms of COVID 19 include fever, dry cough and difficulty in breathing. Other symptoms that are observed in different patients have varied from headaches, sore throat, muscle pain, loss of taste and smell, chest pains and in worst scenarios patients often battle with pneumonia.


The cure?

It takes months to almost years to develop an antiviral drug or vaccine that could bring about the cure. Until a vaccine or drug is developed, repurposed drugs are in use by doctors to cure this disease.


What to do until a vaccine is available?

While drugs and vaccines are something that we heavily rely on in the modern world we cannot forget the importance of natural remedies. After all they have been around since the very start treating diseases and providing us with cures and strengthened immunity.


One such remedy is black seed. Black seed oil is made from cumin black seeds and are well known for having a strong impact on the person's immunity system. Strengthening of the immune system is highly essential in such times. To avoid getting affected by  a disease it is extremely necessary that are immune systems are well prepared to fight off any unwanted viruses that may enter our body. So if the immune system is taken care of, the impact of it can be felt throughout the body.

Black seed oil consists of approximately 100 healing elements which all work together in order to produce a synergetic result. Having elements that compliment each other's effects is extremely important in order to make a remedy effective. The elements that are present in black seed oil all compliment each other and hence  aid our body in developing its capability to take care of itself. There are numerous studies that have discovered that recognise the protective abilities of the black seed.


During these hard times Nature Blends has taken care of all your needs and has made available an entire collection of black seed products that are custom made based on your preference of oil, seed or capsule. It is important for all of us in these hard times to make sure that we take care of ourselves and the ones that are around us. Having it available at your home is essential for your own health.

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