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5 Ways to Include Pure Black Seed Oil in Your Diet

Black seed oil

Black seed oil is like all the goodness of a miracle captured in a bottle. Our ancestors saw it for what it was and used it as an ancient botanical remedy for a wide array of ailments and medical conditions. Thanks to numerous health benefits and the distinct flavor of black cumin seed oil, we have not gone back since then!

There are so many different ways of consuming organic black seed oil. Experts recommend that this oil be taken raw because adding preservatives or using it as a cooking oil can alter its chemical structure and lower its potency.

Here, we discuss 5 convenient ways of including this natural health promoting oil in your diet:

  1. Use Black Seed Oil with Honey

 This option works well for users who want to reap the health benefits of black seed oil but are averse to its strong taste of black seeds. Pure black seed oil can be infused with honey to form a creamy honey black seed blend. Honey, a natural sweetener with powerful antioxidant properties, would mellow down the strong aroma and flavor of black cumin oil.

Honey, much like black seed oil, contains powerful antioxidants. A black seed honey blend does not just taste good, it allows you to harness the dual benefits of black cumin oil and honey, all in one go!

  1. Drizzle Black Seed Oil on Your Food

 Black seed oil, owing to its spicy scent and strong taste makes a perfect salad dressing oil so you can add it to your seasoning shelf. Just sprinkle a few drops on your meal for added flavor or mix a teaspoon in your salad and munch away.

Remember to use your black cumin oil as a seasoning and not as a base cooking oil. Exposing organic black seed oil to high temperatures (like in cooking) can denature it by destroying its intricate chemical structure. That is why we recommend you use it only for seasoning and dressing purposes.

  1. Mix Black Seed Oil in Your Smoothies

This is a great option for people who want their smoothies to be healthy. Fruit smoothies are already healthy and adding a teaspoon of pure black seed oil to them will make them healthier.

You can also try stirring a few drops of black seed oil in other milk-based beverages such as milkshakes to make them more nutritious. So if the pungent taste of black cumin seed oil does not agree with you but you do not want to give up on this panacea either, stop worrying, sit back and enjoy your wholesome smoothie.

  1. Try Black Seed Oil Capsules

Black seed oil capsules come in all varieties for people who are averse to the strong aromatic flavor of black seeds. Black seed capsules are super convenient and they can be used as food supplements.

Also, they are available in several forms including black seed oil capsules and infused varieties. Infused capsules often contain supplementary oils such as cod liver oil. Vegans can opt for turmeric capsules instead.

  1. Use Black Seed Oil with Herbal Teas

If you love the aroma and flavor of black seeds, you will love this option. Due to their lasting fragrance and spicy taste, black seeds also doubled for ancient spices and flavor enhancers. You can mix a few drops of black seed oil in your herbal tea for a stronger taste.


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