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5 Chronic Diseases that Black Seed Oil Can Potentially Cure

pure Black seed on a wooden spoon

The use of black seed as a cure for several chronic diseases is not a recent practice. Since its discovery in the Tutankhmen’s tomb, the herb has always remained an integral part of ancient medical and clinical practices. Arabs further tapped the potential and healing powers of the herb and successfully used it to cure a myriad of chronic ailments such as bronchial asthma and other prevalent inflammatory diseases. Owing to its miraculous healing powers, the herb earned the Arabic approbation, “Habbatul Barakah”, meaning “The seed of the blessing”.

The Healing Powers of Black Seed Oil

When pressed and processed, black seeds produce an extremely potent herbal oil known as black seed oil. The oil is loaded with essential fatty acids and contains high contents of unsaturated fatty acids like Linolenic acid and omega 3 and 6 fats. The oil is rich in essential minerals and vitamins including vitamin A (the anti-ageing vitamin), B1, B2 and vitamin C.

Black cumin oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory elements that suppress all unnatural and abnormal inflammations in your body. Doctors, physicians and medical practitioners around the world are recommending black seed oil and preaching its benefits for it is a natural cure and heals various serious ailments without bringing any side effects.

Apart from its incredible health benefits, black seed oil gives a great taste when added to daily foods. The reason why several traditional middle eastern cuisines feature the use of black seed oil is the wisdom to reap its health benefits while making the foods more delicious.  

In this article, we are shedding some light on 5 chronic diseases and health conditions that black seed oil is effective at. Scientists have confirmed the strong antibacterial and antimycotic actions of black cumin seed oil. The use of black cumin oil can potentially cure the following diseases.

1. Black Seed Oil for Diabetes

Black seed oil is an effective diabetes remedy as it contains, Thymoquinone – a compound having hypoglycemic properties. Hypoglycemic compounds are effective in lowering blood sugar levels in the body. Studies have revealed that patients who supplemented black cumin oil in their regular diet experienced better blood sugar levels.

Poor cholesterol levels and high blood pressure are one of the leading causes of diabetes. Pure black seed oil is loaded with mono and poly unsaturated fatty acids that keep cholesterol levels check and also help in regulating blood pressure in the body. Black cumin oil helps in preventing the onset of diabetes and decreases the severity of the condition by optimising the level of glucose in the bloodstream.

2. Black Seed Oil for Asthma

Asthma is one of the leading serious health problems affecting millions of people in the UK. As per the statistics that Asthama UK has collected, 3 people lose their lives to severe asthma attacks every day. Asthma is a long-life condition and must be managed properly.

The black cumin seed oil contains an active compound known as Nigellon Semohiprepinon. The compound fights the symptoms of bronchial asthma. Nigellon relaxes airways and suppresses the production of histamines in the bloodstream. Another active antihistamine compound found in black seed oil named thymohydrochinone also helps in fighting asthmas and allergies.

3. Black Seed Oil for Kidney Stones

A kidney stone is another increasing urban problem in the UK. One of the functional uses of Black seeds and black cumin seed oil is the betterment of kidney health. Preclinical studies have endorsed the effects of black seed in the prevention and treatment of kidney stones (renal stones).

The black cumin seed oil contains compounds that suppress inflammation. The oil is so powerful that it can completely dissolve the stones. In cases where it may not fully dissolve the stones, the affectee will still experience a decrease in stone size. Take two teaspoons of honey and warm water and add a teaspoon of kalonji oil to it. Consume the solution and get rid of kidney pain, stones and infections.

4. Black Seed Oil for Eczema

Black cumin seed oil is good for several skin disorders such as acne, stretch marks, scarring and many more. Eczema is one of the most painful diseases that causes a lot of discomfort in the sufferers. The sufferers typically experience dry, rough patches that can get very itchy and at times very painful.

Black cumin seed oil improves eczema in a number of ways. When applied directly to the affected patch of the skin, the oil soothes the patches right away. The oil is rich in fatty acids and omega-3 that promote skin moisturization. The zinc and potassium found in black seed oil improve hydration and stimulate the healing of the skin.

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