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5 Amazing Benefits of Black Seed Oil for Skin

Black Seed Oil

Lucky for everyone’s skin, long gone are the days when people bought skincare products based on witty taglines and packaging only. Today’s consumer is a lot more conscious and wants to know everything including what exactly goes into their skincare products and where did it come from.

The main driver behind this change is a clear preference for simple, natural and organic ingredients as opposed to harmful chemicals and abrasive toxins - and that makes ample sense.  The skin is our largest organ and it deserves to be treated with love and care. Natural products that do not contain harsh synthetic ingredients are ideal for skincare.

That is why today, we will be discussing the benefits of black seed oil  for the skin. Black seed oil or black cumin seed oil is an ancient herbal oil that has been used for beauty and wellness throughout history. This wonderful oil made its way to Cleopatra’s skincare regimen and is still used in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia as a cosmetic remedy.

Let’s understand what this antioxidant-packed oil can do for your skin:

  • Combats Acne and Clogged Pores

Black cumin seed oil has potent anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which make the oil a perfect remedy for acne. It works as an oil control agent and prevents clogged pores. It also contains vitamin A and amino acids which work together to heal acne scars, soothe the skin, and tame redness and irritation.

  • Anti-Ageing Power

Black cumin seed oil is rich in a wide array of natural compounds and nutrients, all of which nourish the skin and promote healing. It contains over 100 vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, B, and C. These vitamins help the skin retain its moisture and natural elasticity. These nutrients also combat the damaging effects of free radicals that age the skin. Moreover, the oil contains a liberal amount of good fatty acids that prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles and keep the skin taut and young.

  • Fights Dark Spots and Discolouration

One of the main benefits of regularly using black seed oil for skin is that it reduces dark spots and discolouration caused by aging, hormones, and sun damage. Skin-friendly nutrients such as vitamin A, fatty acids, and amino acids heal the skin and promote the growth of new skin cells, reducing dark spots over time.

  • Reduces Eczema

The antihistamine and anti-inflammatory compounds present in black seed oil nourish the skin and combat a range of skin conditions including eczema, rashes, and psoriasis. According to a study, conducted on participants with hand eczema, those who applied black seed oil on their skin twice a day for four weeks showed signs of quick improvement. 

  • Hydrates and Rejuvenates the Skin

The plant acids and essential fatty acids in black seed oil work together to keep the skin from drying out and becoming flaky. These nutrients also protect the skin’s natural lipid barrier and that keeps the skin fresh and hydrated throughout the day.


<H2> Black Seed Oil Side Effects

Applying black seed oil on the skin has no known side effects. To prevent over-application, apply a few drops of the oil topically and layer it as needed. It is worth noting that any topical product can trigger an allergic reaction especially for those with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, it is highly recommended that you conduct a patch test first.

How to Use Black Seed Oil for Skin?

How you use black seed oil depends on your skin type. First, cleanse your skin properly to wash away any dust that might be on it.

If your skin is dry, dab a few drops of black cumin seed oil onto it in the morning and evening. Wait for a few minutes to allow your skin to absorb the oil, then apply any other skincare products or makeup on top to finish up.

If your skin is oily, apply a small amount of black seed oil to it only once a day. If the oil suits your skin, gradually build your way up to applying it topically twice a day.

Tip: Avoid rubbing the oil onto your skin since that can reduce its effectiveness. Instead, rub a few drops of black seed oil between your fingers to warm it up and massage it onto your skin in a gentle, pressing motion.

Looking for Organic Black Seed Oil in UK?

At Nature’s Blends, we pride ourselves on bringing you nature’s finest. Our black seed oil is fully natural. It is cold pressed from premium black seeds  soured from the sprawling Nigella Sativa grooves of Ethiopia. We do not add any artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives to our products.

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