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Shilajit | Raw Shilajit Power 50g (Pakistan Origin )

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Shilajit is a complex biomineral that is hand collected from high altitude rocks of the Himalayan mountains. This mystical substance is a potent and fully safe dietary supplement with a diverse array of curative properties. Because of its health-promoting properties, shilajit has been used as a stressbuster and a medicine for thousands of years. The oldest references to shilajit can be found in Ayurvedic texts dating back millennia.

Raw Shilajit is very rare and considered sacred in mountainous regions around the world. In South Asia, where our shilajit comes from, this mineral-rich compound is said to be a divine offering from the gods. That is, in part, because shilajit is a superfood in its own right.

Pure Shilajit is hard to come by because it takes millions of years to form. It is formed completely naturally when plant remains are decomposed by the action of microorganisms. Under pressure and heat, these remains mix with the mineral-rich soil of the Himalayas to form the perfect bio compound.

Raw shilajit has many powers because of its delicately balanced composition. It contains more than 85 minerals, trace elements, and essential amino acids. Fulvic and humic acids are the primary bio-actives present in Shilajit. These bioactive compounds promote health and well-being by warding off fatigue and improving the nutrient uptake process in the body.

Authentic Shilajit is a blackish-brown, sticky resin that seeps out from the crevices in the mountain rocks during select times of the year. That is why shilajit is often referred to as ‘mineral pitch’ or ‘mountain sweat’. Shilajit needs to be collected with care since any form of harsh processing can tinker with its natural composition and reduce its potency.

Size: 50g

Color: Blackish Brown

Texture: Resinous

Shilajit resin by Nature’s Blends is hand-collected by locals from the high-altitude rocks (over 3000 meters) of the Himalayan ranges. The mineral-rich formulation oozes out from the rocks during a small window in the summertime when the temperature rises.

What is Shilajit?

Shilajit is a super food, best used in Ayurvedic medicine as it contains minerals, vitamins, and plenty of other healthful ingredients. This naturally-occurring exudate has a sticky consistency, blackish-brown colour, and is very rich in fulvic acid and humic substances. It can only be obtained from the high-altitude mountains because it is oozed out of the rocks due to the slow decomposition of specific plants under certain circumstances by microorganisms. Shilajeet is present primarily in the Himalayas, but you can also find it in Russia, Tibet, Afghanistan, and the north of Chile. 

Shilajit, a mineral-rich resin, is a prized product as it takes centuries to form. Simply put, it is a nutraceutical product - a natural remedy for various health diseases.

What are the side effects of Shilajit?

As the researchers have proved, Shilajit is completely safe for consumption BUT only as long as you take its purified form, free of health-damaging metal ions and contaminations. If you consume it in more than the recommended dose, you can have the following side effects:

  • Skin rash, itchiness, or hives
  • Increased urination
  • Increased heart rate (palpitations)
  • Fatigue/lethargy
  • Increased uric acid production
  • Imbalanced hormones level
  • Burning sensation in the feet
  • Decreased blood pressure
  • Excessive heat throughout the body
  • Dizziness
  • Increase blood iron levels
  • Increased risks of metals intoxication (if consumed unprocessed)

You can experience severe side effects if you have sickle cell anaemia, hemochromatosis, thalassemia, or gout. It can be harmful to pregnant, lactating, and breastfeeding women. 

My Shilajit looks like a liquid

Technically, Shilajit is of high viscosity and sticky texture, but if it appears liquid or in a runny consistency , it indicates that the product is a fresh batch. It is a natural substance and can change its texture in different environments. It is a very common process where liquidy Shilajit turns to hard Shilajit , with a semi-thick consistency because it has been exposed to air.

My Shilajit has gone hard

The main reason for Shilajit to go hard or solidify is the “exposure to air.” If Shilajit is exposed to a air, it will turn solid and become brittle. It will lose its pliability and might shatter.

You can soften your hardened Shilajit by placing it in a warm area and adding a few drops of boiling kettle water to the jar and leave it for an hour to soften It will return to its natural gooey, sticky consistency.

Where does your Shilajit come from?

Nature’s Blends sources Shilajit directly from Pakistan, particularly Gilgit and Chitral areas, because they have the purest Shilajit resin available. The natives hand-collect the resin from the highest altitude rocks (over 16000 meters) of the Himalayas during summertime.

Does Shilajit smell?

Yes, it does, especially if Shilajit is 100% raw and organic!

Pure Shilajit carries a distinctively coffee like naturally pungent smell mixed with the accents of the smoky, woody aroma and almost tar-like smells. It feels slightly earthy and herbal in character, too. Shilajit might give asphaltum odour, sometimes.

*The reason behind its strongly pungent is its formation procedure.

How does Shilajit taste?

Shilajit has a characteristic bitterness in its taste which is complemented with the earthy, salty, and herbal hints making it unpleasant to eat. To compensate for its sourness, you may consume it with milk ,water or coffee. You can mix it with something sweet for easier intake.

What is the best time to take Shilajit?

The most suitable time to consume Shilajit is early in the morning on an empty stomach. It will be absorbed in maximum quantity and perform at its peak, giving you an energy boost to carry out daily tasks throughout the day.

You can also consume it in the evening (in certain circumstances) but not recommended because it can produce immense energy disturbing your restful sleep. To avoid sleeping difficulties, never take it at bedtime.

*Always consult your health practitioner before Shilajit consumption.

Is your Shilajit lab tested?


Each jar of every batch is thoroughly tested in 3rd party laboratories to guarantee the purity of Shilajit along with making sure that harmful contaminants are extracted or below the limits set by the official authorities. We always test it to identify any harmful bacteria that could be damaging to your health.

What sizes of Shilajit do you have?

Nature’s Blends provides organic, pure, and raw Shilajit powder in two sizes:

  • 25g
  • 50g

Does your Shilajit contain any heavy metal?

No, our Shilajit is the purest form you can find ever in the market because we never compromise on quality. We provide the most organic and 100% raw Shilajit powder free of lead, arsenic, mercury, and other health-damaging heavy metals. We purify it with the newest advances and guarantee toxin-free products.

You will never have to worry about heavy metal poisoning with Nature’s Blends Shilajit powder!

*Certification is provided as proof of our product’s purity.

What % of Fulvic acid does your Shilajit contain?

Nature’s Blends Shilajit raw powder contains 12%-14% fulvic acid. The content varies depending on where the test is conducted, what criteria have been set to calculate the content, and what technology or technique has been used. For instance, the percentage will increase to 70(%) if the test is taken in an American lab.

*We perform the “gravimetric method” to evaluate the %age of Fulvic acid in Shilajit. It is a chemical analysis where a gravimeter is used. The process starts with preparing a solution comprising a known weight of the Shilajit, followed by the separation and isolated measurement of the fulvic acid. In the end, the separately computed weight of Fulvic acid is deducted from the total weight/amount of the Shilajit.

Is your Shilajit GMO free?

Yes. Nature’s Blends raw Shilajit powder is a wholly, naturally-occurring substance. From its collection to filtration and packaging, it is not mixed with any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) to maintain its natural potency and effectiveness.

What are Fulvic acid and Humic acid?

Both, Humic and fulvic acids are humic substances but differ primarily in:

  • Structure (number of carbon and oxygen atoms)
  • Level of acidity
  • Solubility
  • Degree of polymerisation
  • Molecular weight
  • Colour

Water-soluble fulvic acid is a potent anti-oxidant with a low molecular weight of not more than 2 kDa; that’s why it is absorbed in the intestinal tract efficiently at all pH and ensures easy elimination of toxic chemicals or metals and harmful compounds from the body within a couple of hours. On the contrary, Humic acid has a greater molecular weight of 5–10 kDa. These comparatively large molecules are water-soluble under alkaline conditions only. 

In Humic acid structure, you’ll find carbon chains and rings, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Fulvic acid mainly comprises carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen. Oxygen is twice that of humic acids. Humic works best in soil, but Fulvic works well in the soil as well as for foliar applications. Humic acid appears dark in colour, whereas Fulvic acids have a golden colour.

They complement each others functions. For instance: Humic acids enhance the cell wall’s permeability for fulvic acids to ease the process of carrying vital nutrients into the plant from the soil. Both can stimulate microbial activity, improve water holding capacity, chelate toxic metals, and stimulate growth, together

How have you purified your Shilajit?

We chose a thorough purification method to get rid of the impurities as contaminants can affect Shilajit's therapeutic properties.

First, we purify it with fresh spring water from the Himalayan mountains and leave it to sun-dry. Then we treat the washed and sun-dried Shilajit with additional filtration using the salt rock filtration processes that are natural, effective, and minimal. It removes the remaining impurities and microbes. Before packaging, we ensure that Shilajit is purified lab tested  and completely safe for human use.

Sure, here's a combined version of the usage recommendations from both sources:

**How to Use Shilajit Effectively**

1. **Choose a High-Quality Product**: Regardless of the form you choose - powder, resin, or supplement - ensure that you're using a high-quality, authentic shilajit product. Look for a product sourced from a reputable supplier and certified for purity and authenticity. The pure resin form is considered the most potent and beneficial.

2. **Starting Dosage**: If you're new to shilajit, begin with a small dosage and gradually increase it over time. For the resin form, start with a pea-sized amount. For powdered shilajit, a similar quantity is advised. Follow the dosage instructions provided on the product label or consult a healthcare professional to tailor the dosage to your individual needs.

3. **Method of Consumption**: For powdered shilajit, dissolve a pea-sized portion in hot tea, milk, or plain water. For the resin form, use the back end of a spoon to scoop a pea-sized amount and eat it. If you find the taste unpleasant, you can add it to other foods. Shilajit can be consumed on an empty stomach, but it is recommended to take it with food to increase its absorption and reduce the risk of any potential side effects.

4. **Frequency**: Consistency is key. For maximum benefits, consume shilajit three times daily for the powdered form, and once daily in the morning for the resin form. Regular consumption over an extended period is advised to allow your body to adjust gradually to its impact and reap the full health benefits.

5. **Storage**: It's essential to store shilajit properly to maintain its potency and purity. Keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight or heat sources. An airtight container is recommended to prevent moisture or air exposure.

6. **Consultation**: Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting shilajit or any other supplement to ensure that it's safe and appropriate for your individual health needs. 

Instructions for Storing Shilajit:

1. Upon receiving your Shilajit package, ensure to place it upright and let it rest for 12 hours before unsealing it. This is due to the sticky, tar-like consistency of Shilajit, which can adhere to the seal.

2. After the 12-hour waiting period, carefully peel off the seal. It is important to do this process slowly to prevent any issues from the substance sticking to the seal.

3. Keep the Shilajit jar in an upright position at all times to prevent the sticky substance from adhering to the lid, which could make it difficult to open the jar in the future.

4. If you notice that the Shilajit has hardened, you can add one tablespoon of hot, boiling water to it. Be sure to immediately close the lid after doing so. The heat and moisture will help soften the Shilajit, restoring its normal consistency.

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Z. (Preston, GB)
Natures Blend

Just as I expected perfect and arrived very quickly and prompt. Trust the name Natures Blend 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Mohsin R. (Slough, GB)
Energising supplement

I am currently using this after eating a small iftar meal mixed with black coffee and it is giving me a nice boost of energy in preparation for taraweeh salah.

V.R. (Lambeth, GB)
Good quality

Good quality Shilajit.

U.J. (Glasgow, GB)

Good stuff

R.A. (Limassol, CY)
Best shilajit

Best shilajit best black seed oil

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