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Black Seed & Manuka Honey 263+ MGO (250g)

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Raw Manuka and Black Seed Honey: A Powerful Combination

Sourced from New Zealand, the land of manuka, this organic honey is the best way to benefit from two of nature’s most enriching superfoods in one go. Our monoflower raw manuka honey is infused with black seed extracts and packed with nutrients, bioactives and antioxidants.

Manuka and Black Seed Honey is the first product of its kind. It is fully natural and devoid of any artificial preservatives. At Nature’s Blends, we use gentle extraction methods to obtain our honey. This ensures that each jar is raw, unfiltered and high in pollen content.

Raw Manuka and Black Seed blend is a high-quality specialty honey with an MGO rating of 263+. That makes it perfect for health and beauty applications. Add to your beverages, lick up a spoonful or include it in your face mask: the choice is yours!

  • Size: 250 G
  • Sweetness: Mild to Medium, depending on the season
  • Color: Dark Cream to Dark Brown
  • Texture: Thick, Rich, and Smooth
  • MGO: 263+

Is Raw Manuka Honey Better?

Raw manuka honey is always better compared to refined honey, especially if you’re using it for health or cosmetic purposes. Raw honey is loaded with natural ingredients and nutrients, all of which make it more effective and potent. The natural content of raw honey lends many benefits to the body.

Manuka honey is one of the most delicate honeys out there. Processing, refining, filtering or heating it robs it of some of its natural properties and decreases its strength. Processed or refined varieties of Manuka honey are also low on pollen content and phenols, which are plant-based organic compounds that improve heart health and are needed by the body to function properly.

Is a Spoonful of Manuka Honey Good for You?

Taking a spoonful of raw manuka honey everyday can do wonders for your body. Studies found that regularly consuming honey can boost our metabolism and strengthen our immune system. Manuka honey is also great for digestion and skin health.

Raw manuka honey is loaded with beneficial compounds, nourishing nutrients and phenols, all of which keep us healthy and help our bodies ward off infections. Plus, it’s a great source of instant energy so if you’re feeling a bit low or lazy, just dig into your jar and you’d feel better in no time.

What Exactly is Black Seed?

Black seed or black cumin seed comes from a special flowering plant called Nigella Sativa. Nigella Sativa is native to the Mediterranean and many parts of Asia. Black seeds, like the name suggests, are the tiny black seeds of this plant.

Because of their unique taste, black seeds are used as a spice in the Middle East - but they can do a lot more than that. These tiny seeds are loaded to the brim with natural bioactives and antioxidants which keep the body healthy. TQ, one of the main bioactives in black seeds, has many health benefits.


What Does Black Seed Honey Do?

Black Seed Honey brings together the natural goodness of manuka and Nigella Sativa seeds to form a delicious and powerful compound.

What Does Raw Manuka and Black Seed Honey Taste Like?

This mild to medium sweet honey has a layered flavour with hints of caramel. Raw manuka honey is rich with woody notes and a clean aftertaste. Black seed extracts lend the honey a nutty relish, making it the perfect choice for honey aficionados who want to take their taste buds on a walk through the summer woods. Texture-wise, the honey is delightfully thick and creamy.

Raw Manuka and Black Seed Honey (MGO 263+) is sourced from Manuka bush forests dotting the winding coastline of New Zealand. At Nature’s Blends, we cold press our honey to preserve its natural goodness.

Our gentle honey extraction techniques are in keeping with local wisdom and environmentally friendly beekeeping practices. This way, we ensure that each jar we send your way comes straight from the hive and is loaded with healthful nutrients and natural ingredients. We do not process our honey or mix any artificial additives to it.

We source our black seed from the sprawling sunny fields of Ethiopia, a land renowned for producing premium quality black seed. Just like our manuka, our black seed extracts are also devoid of any impurities. We only use cold-pressing to obtain our extracts, so the natural antioxidants do not get denatured - this way we make sure that you’re truly getting the best nature has to offer.

Raw Manuka and Black Seed Honey by Nature’s Blends has an MGO rating of 263 +

The high MGO score makes our honey potent and effective enough to be used for health and cosmetic purposes. You can include it in your diet to promote well-being or apply it topically to improve skin health.

What is MGO?

MGO is the short form of ‘methylglyoxal’, a compound that makes manuka honey truly special. Methylglyoxal is a natural bioactive that lends manuka honey its anti-microbial anti-bacterial properties. That is why, methylglyoxal is an accurate indicator of the overall quality of manuka honey.

MGO is a honey grading system based on the levels of methylglyoxal in the honey. Generally, the higher the MGO levels of your honey, the more methylglyoxal it has and the better its quality.

What MGO Honey is Best?

In the world of manuka honey, different MGO levels serve specific purposes. The best MGO honey is one that best meets your requirements, so it largely depends on what you intend to use your honey for.

Manuka honey with lower MGO ratings is perfect as ‘table grade honey’. You can use it daily as a healthy alternative to sugar. Manuka with high MGO ratings is more potent and well-suited for medicinal and cosmetic purposes.

Use this information to pick the right kind of manuka honey for yourself:

  • Table grade (MGO 83 - MGO 263) - for daily consumption, include in your health chart,

beverages, salads or take it raw

  • Moderate grade (MGO 263 - MGO 514) - aka ‘therapeutic grade’ honey, suitable for

short-term consumption and general well-being

  • Higher grade manuka honey (MGO 514 - MGO 1200) - with higher MGO readings can

be used for skin care.

The Manuka Tree

The Manuka bush, also called the New Zealand Tea Tree, is an evergreen plant that grows nowhere else in the world except in New Zealand and parts of Australia. This exceptionally resilient shrub has been growing in the area since thousands of years. It is known for its miraculous medicinal properties and remedial benefits.

Manuka bush comes into bloom very briefly in spring and summer. For a handful of days in each season, the tree is laden with sweet-scented flowers that draw bees.  The bees only get a few days to pollinate the flowers and produce honey - and this is what makes manuka honey a rare seasonal specialty.

The Manuka Tree holds a very special place in native Maori traditions. Known as the ‘Tree of Life’, its extracts have been used in healing salves and remedies for hundreds of years. The Manuka bush remains central to indigenous medicinal practices till this day.

Black Seed

Nigella Sativa or black seed is a flowering plant indigenous to the Gulf, parts of Africa and Asia. Human beings started cultivating black seed 3000 years ago - and we haven’t gone back since then.

Because of its remarkable nutrient profile, black seed was recognised very early on for its healing potential. The seeds and other extracts have been used in traditional remedies for thousands of years. In some parts of the world, black seed is known as ‘the blessed seed’.

Because of their rich taste, black seeds are also a culinary staple in some parts of the world. In the Middle East, they’re used as a flavour-enhancing spic. In India black seeds are used to garnish many dishes and Naan (flatbread)

Black seed has a very rich history. It was recommended by Hippocrates, an ancient Greek physician who is considered the father of modern medicine. Black seed also holds a very special position across many cultures and faiths.

How to Take Black Seed Manuka Honey?

An MGO rating of 263+ makes our Black Seed Manuka Honey perfect for many health and beauty applications. Because of its high methylglyoxal content, our honey is potent enough for topical use too. You can either take it orally or add it to your skincare routine.

Take a spoonful of manuka honey alone, drizzle it onto your salad or mix it in your drinks. You can also use it as a healthier alternative for sugar. For beauty use, you can directly apply it to your skin or blend it with other natural ingredients to make organic face masks, exfoliators or toners.

*Tip: The best way to consume Manuka Black Seed Honey is to take it raw. Exposing it to heat or cooking in it can decrease its potency.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Manuka and black seed Honey

Really good, I love it.

Thank you guys.

A.T. (Northampton, GB)
Best Duo

Long story short I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to stay healthy.

Anonymous (Manchester, GB)
Amazing product and amazing customer service!

I am very delighted with my purchase of the Black Seed & Manuka Honey! The honey is delicious. I can confidently say that I will be enjoying this every day! What I appreciate most about this product is the high-quality ingredients sourced from a company that seems to genuinely care about the end product. When shopping online, it can be hard to know which products to trust, but Nature's Blends has left a great impression on me.

A special mention goes to Sayfullah, who assisted me with my purchase. He was incredibly helpful and polite, ensuring I had all the information I needed and promptly addressing any concerns I had. His professionalism and friendly demeanor made my shopping experience a true pleasure, and I can honestly say that this is the best customer service I have ever encountered.

J.B. (Birmingham, GB)
Working wonders for me

I bought manuka honey last year by itself and that was great but this black seed and manuka honey is on another level, I'm due to by another jar. Thanks naturesblends always coming with greatness💪🏾💪🏾🔥🔥

N.B. (Birkenhead, GB)
Black seed and manuka honey

Absolutely amazing honey. Tastes wonderful. Really enjoy this product.

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