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    Shilajit is a complex biomineral that is hand collected from high altitude rocks of the Himalayan mountains. This mystical substance is a potent and fully safe dietary supplement with a diverse array of curative properties. Because of its health-promoting properties, shilajit has been used as a stressbuster and a medicine for thousands of years. The oldest references to shilajit can be found in Ayurvedic texts dating back millennia.

    Raw Shilajit is very rare and considered sacred in mountainous regions around the world. In South Asia, where our shilajit comes from, this mineral-rich compound is said to be a divine offering from the gods. That is, in part, because shilajit is a superfood in its own right.

    Pure Shilajit is hard to come by because it takes millions of years to form. It is formed completely naturally when plant remains are decomposed by the action of microorganisms. Under pressure and heat, these remains mix with the mineral-rich soil of the Himalayas to form the perfect bio compound.

    Raw shilajit has many powers because of its delicately balanced composition. It contains more than 85 minerals, trace elements, and essential amino acids. Fulvic and humic acids are the primary bio-actives present in Shilajit. These bioactive compounds promote health and well-being by warding off fatigue and improving the nutrient uptake process in the body.

    Authentic Shilajit is a blackish-brown, sticky resin that seeps out from the crevices in the mountain rocks during select times of the year. That is why shilajit is often referred to as ‘mineral pitch’ or ‘mountain sweat’. Shilajit needs to be collected with care since any form of harsh processing can tinker with its natural composition and reduce its potency.

    Size: 50g

    Color: Blackish Brown

    Texture: Resinous


  • Origin

    Shilajit resin by Nature’s Blends is hand-collected by locals from the high-altitude rocks (over 3000 meters) of the Himalayan ranges. The mineral-rich formulation oozes out from the rocks during a small window in the summertime when the temperature rises.

Shilajit | Raw Shilajit Power 50g

Shilajit is found in the mountains of the Himalayas amongst rocks and is often used in Ayurvedic medicine.

  • Cold-Pressed
  • Raw
  • Organic
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Customer Reviews

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💯 highly recommended.

A.R. (Hackney, GB)
Highly effective

Highly recommend this Ayurvedic product, am so happy that we did discover it works for me as have lots of health benefits for women’s
Highly recommend 100% to friends and family too

F. (Sydney, AU)
Its Magical

I dont have words for shilajit to describe its benefits esp this product the most high quality. I have order it multiple times from Australia and also my sisters and how it give you energy and helps and cures all your problems in the body, bones , circulation everything Alhamdulellah.

Anonymous (Hayes, GB)

I take Shilajit with cold milk (mixed with honey + crushed almonds) together with a banana for breakfast. The honey/shilajit/almond combination is probably an acquired taste but I find that this provides me a good amount of energy throughout the day. I remember that I was horrified at the taste the first time I had Shilajit in the milk - but you get used to it and now I wouldn't have it any other way.

R. (Bolton, GB)

100% high quality and genuine product with on time delivery and very competitive prices. I have started taking this to increase my testosterone levels. Only been taking it for 4 days now. I do have a bit of change, will carry on.



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