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Why You Need to Start Using Moroccan Olive Oil

A 500ml bottle of olive oil

Choosing a premium olive oil can seem a little tricky sometimes.  The differences between virgin and extra virgin, why acidity in the oil matters, and why some regions are better than others can be tough to master.  Our team at Nature’s Blends are not only olive oil aficionados - we’ve scoured the globe and passionately educated ourselves on the most ethical and healthy sources of the freshest organic olives to help you flourish.

We’re the oil experts, and we’re here to tell you why our award-winning Nature's Blends Moroccan Olive Oil provides you with the most sustainably sourced, ethically produced, superior health-conscious extra-virgin olive oil straight from the high-reaching Atlas mountains of Morocco and into your pantry.

 olive trees landscape

Where Nature’s Blends' Olives are Sourced

Deep in Morocco, atop ridges in the Atlas mountains, is a climate that chaperones growth of the most perfect olives.  The rich soil that sustains the more than one million olive trees - some dating back to early Roman olive orchards - is teeming with minerals that give our olive oil the unique, fresh taste.

The rare climate of the Atlas mountains combined with the trickle of purifying mountain top glacial water infused into the roots are reason enough to put the best Moroccan olive oilin the world straight into your summer salads.

Production Standards

The short, 20-minute lapse between harvest and cold-pressed production makes our Moroccan olive oil purely produced and doesn’t strip valuable, body-enriching minerals from the olives.  Our olives are only pressed once to maximize nutritional benefits, and we never allow added chemicals, destructive preservatives, or any other ingredients found in many other olive oils to infiltrate into our product.  We pride ourselves on the unadulterated nature of our extra-virgin olive oil.

Our farming team closely monitors the growth, cultivation, grinding, and pressing, allowing for a seamless, streamlined production process from the tree to the bottle.  The deep, golden colour you see when pouring out your first drops signifies the ripe, full-bodied quality of our Moroccan olives.

Ethically Made

We’ve gone to great lengths to make sure our oils are the finest, most ethically produced extra virgin olive oils that you can buy. 

Production involves us communicating and working directly with the farmers and their teams, and hits the highest standards of product quality, food safety, and traceable aspects available to the consumer.  When searching for a fertile source for top-quality olive oil, we focused also on ground and water conservation, giving you mindful, ethically produced olive oil in every bottle.


When understanding more about acid contents, we realise that high-acidity foods can throw our systems into a state of panic.  Regular olive oil boasts a higher acidity content of 0.8-2%, while extra-virgin hovers at around 0.8%.

Nature’s Blends Moroccan olive oil contains less than 0.2% acidity and is quickly pressed within 20 minutes of harvest.  Adding ultra-premium extra virgin Moroccan olive oil into your pot of low-acid, unprocessed foods is the best way for you to maintain optimal health and keep your system under control.

Health Effects of Olive Oil

Extensive research shows that ordinary olive oil greatly benefits your health, which makes natural, extra-virgin, organic olive oil sourced from the hills of Morocco an even more exceptional choice for a healthier you.  Olive oil is teeming with healthy monounsaturated fats, has strong anti-inflammatory properties, helps protect against stroke, heart disease, and other ailments, and contains tons of antioxidants.  

Healthy Skin and Hair

Moroccan olive oilcan be worked into a daily beauty routine as well.  For healthier skin and hair, you can use olive oil as a pre-shampoo hair treatment, or moisturise by smoothing a drenching dollop across cracked skin and heels.  Mix a few grains of sugar with a few drops and you have yourself a quenching, non-drying lip scrub, and wipe off the day by using olive oil to remove face and eye makeup, softening skin at the same time.  Many people are choosing a shot or a delightful spoonful of olive oil at night, as it aids in digestion and you’ll wake feeling refreshed.

Olive oil is used daily across all spans of kitchens and cultures.  Making sure that you’re nourishing your body with the right type can take some research, and with Nature’s Blends Moroccan sourced ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil, you can rest easy knowing that our standards for ethical production as well as your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being are held in the highest regard.

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