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All You Need to Know About Black Seed Oil and Food

Black Seed

We have been using black seeds and their extracts for centuries because of their miraculous properties. Black seeds were commonly used for medicinal and culinary purposes in different parts of the world. In fact, they are still revered for their curative properties and health benefits in the East - and the West is catching on.

The main reason for that is the wealth of scientific evidence available to confirm the health-promoting properties of black seeds. Organic black seed oil is packed with many essential nutrients, antioxidants and other healthful compounds that heal and nourish the body.

Black seed oil is amazing, but what’s the best way to consume it? Today, we will be discussing how you can reap the wonderful health benefits of black seed oil by including it in your diet.  

Strong Aroma and Taste

Black seeds are full of flavour. They also have a rich aroma that can enhance the flavour of your recipes. For people who are not used to them, the slightly pungent and bitter taste can be a little off-putting at first. Many people compare the flavor of black seed oil with that of strong herbs like black pepper, cumin and oregano.

Since black seed oil is strongly flavoured, some people take a bit of time to get used to its taste. The good news is that black seed oil is an extremely versatile product. It can be blended with a variety of other delicious foods to mask the pungent taste.

One of the most wondrous combinations is black seed honey. Black seed honey is a delicious blend of two superfoods: black seed and the delicious manuka honey. Not only does the honey tone down the taste, but it also contains added nutrients and natural compounds that promote good health.

If you are still averse to the taste or it is too strong for you, don’t worry. There are other convenient ways of enjoying the benefits of this wholesome oil. Black seed capsules  are a great alternative. These easy to consume capsules are available in many forms. You can pick pure black seed capsules or opt for infused varieties like black seed turmeric capsules (perfect for vegans), black seed & cod liver oil capsules or black seed oil & glucosamine supplements.

Adding Black Seed Oil to Drinks

Black seed oil can be taken on its own. It does not need to be mixed in a beverage, but you can go for it if you want to. If you are taking black seed oil by itself, remember to manage your dosage. Begin with a low dose to allow your body some time to get used to the oil, then gradually increase the dose, if the need arises.

We mentioned earlier how some people prefer mixing black seed oil to their beverages to dilute its taste. You can add a few drops of black seed oil to a glass of water, stir in some raw honey  and squeeze a lemon for some extra vitamin C to make yourself a refreshing black seed drink - or add it to your smoothies, coffee and teas. The choice is yours!

Black Seed Oil in Food

Raw black seed oil also goes well with a wide range of dishes. You can use add it to your homemade condiments and sauces. Drizzle it on your salads as a flavour-enhancing dressing or pair it up with meat-rich dishes like fish and beef.

You can even add a few drops to your desserts to add more depth to their flavour. Pair black seed oil with yogurt and honey to create a delicious, sweet and healthy dessert. Use this blend to counter your sugar cravings or add it to fruit salads.

It is always best to use black seed oil in its raw form. Use it as a flavour booster instead of cooking oil to get the best out of it. Exposing the oil high temperatures can denature its compounds, lower its potency and rob it of some of its incredible benefits.

Key Takeaway

Black seed oil is a fantastic gift of nature. It is so versatile a product that you can easily include it in your diet. Now that you know how to get the most out of this fantastic herbal oil, all that’s missing is the oil itself.

If you’re wondering where to find the purest black seed oil in the USA, you’re at the right spot. Here at Nature’s Blends, we offer a range of black seed oil products. Our oil is fully natural, 100% raw and devoid of any additives and preservatives.

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