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Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nature's Blends olive oil is an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil with <0.2% maximum acidity that harbours a unique taste. Sourced from the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, every olive grows on trees that encompasses centuries of tradition and history. The taste has a mild spice that will enhance the flavour of food that is accompanied by silky texture great for nourishing your skin. From the wind that blows through the olive trees to the pure rain water that nourishes its soil: every bottle captures such natural buoyancy and delicacy.

  • Soil Features

    Altitude: 340 m
    Surface: 200 Ha
    Net planted surface: 153 Ha
    Olive trees: 300,000
    Density: 1,852 trees/Ha (1,35 meters between each tree and 4 meters between each row of olive trees)
    Olives per tree: 6 Kg
    Production: 330,000 liters of extra virgin olive oil with 0.2° maximum acidity

    Soil properties: 25% clay, 30% muddy/limoneux, 45% sandy. In overall, franc and light soil aerated by a multitude of calcareous rocks of various sizes (PH 8.05)

    Water origin: pure artesian water and turonian acquifere (supplied by the snow melting of the Atlas mountains and trapped in a calcareous reef allowing natural water filtration)


  • Extra Virgin

    The way olive oil is classified as “extra virgin” is by cold-pressing ripe olives. This method involves only cold pressing once in order to maintain its freshness and natural elements. No added heat, chemicals, ingredients, or preservatives that destroy the amazing nutrients found in olive oil. The color of the olive oil is also a deeper golden green which signifies the ripeness of the olives and its quality.

  • Usage
    • Create tasty dressings
    • Sauces & Marinades
    • Drizzle over pasta, meat & Veg
    • Dipping with bread
    • Seasoning & Flavouring
  • Origin

    The romantic history behind the source of our olive oil is unique. High up in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco, where the Romans cultivated vineyards and olive orchards, are three farm with over one million olive trees that have been traditionally maintained to produce an amazing olive oil.. The unique climate of the Atlas Mountains and land gifts the olive oil that remarkable fresh taste: mild summers and winters and hot winds blowing from the Sahara.

    The wind blowing between the olive trees whispers the history of this soil from which Greeks and Romans already produced their famous “green gold”.
    The three orchards located at the foothills of the Atlas are kissed by mild winters and summers, filtered by hot winds coming from the Sahara and the olives are gilded by an intense sun reigning on the plains of the Atlas mountains. This particular climate and the conditions of the land give our olive oil an unmistakable taste.

    With the climate being of optimal condition for the olives to grow, the water used is pure artesian water and turonian acquifere supplied by the snow melting of the Atlas mountains and trapped in a calcareous reef allowing natural water filtration.

    Constant monitoring of the cultivation and mechanized picking at an optimal ripeness with only a 20 minutes lapse between harvest and grinding. The olive oil is exclusively extracted through a mechanical process in a low temperature continuous line to get excellent extra virgin olive oil with 0.2% maximum acidity. The distinctiveness of our oil lies also in the attention to detail during every phase of the production process, the selection of a highly skilled workforce and the use of European technology and know-how. All this gives life to a wonderful olive oil you can find only in the best international gourmet stores.


    Our oil is characterized by an integrated production. It is a methodology of farming techniques that fulfills consumer requirements (total quality of the product, food safety and total traceability) while respecting the environment (conservation of the ground and saving of water) and by involving all of the people concerned in the production of an oil of prestige: the farmer and his team, operators of the oil mill, and the bottler.

    The olives used to create Nature’s Blends Olive Oil are harvested at the end of September-beginning of October - just when the olives are changing colours and ready to give away their wonders. Our olive oil is an ultra-premium extra virgin olive oil with <0.2% acidity and a unique taste. The optimal soil conditions, pure water, high density of trees, high quality olives alongside the unique climate of the Atlas Mountains is responsible for the unique ultra-premium oil.

  • History

    Harvesting and producing olive oil is by no means a new method. Rather, Olive Oil was an integral part of diet and beauty regiments of Ancient Civilizations such as Egypt, Rome, and Greece that are still widely used today. We can even find sources leading back to religious text urging the consumption and use of olive oil.

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