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Raw Natural Acacia Honey (340g) - Nature's Blends

What is Raw Honey?

Honey is a wonderful sweet delight that we have nature to thank for - but the best way to enjoy it is taking it raw. Raw honey is honey straight from the beehive. It is unstrained, unfiltered, and unprocessed.

Raw honey is bottled right after it is obtained from the beehive. No preservatives are added to it. Since the honey is not refined, it is loaded to the brim with special nutrients and pollen content that makes this delicious compound healthier than regular honey.

At Nature’s Blends, we want you to enjoy the goodness of raw honey to its fullest. That is why we put a lot of love and effort into crafting our exclusive line-up of delicious herbal honey.

Explore our raw honey shop to experience the taste of raw honey sourced naturally from exotic parts of the world. All the products in our raw honey shop are fully organic and 100% natural.


Our fondness for raw honey dates back over 8000 years ago. Stone Age paintings provide major evidence that our ancestors fell in love with this sweet treat as soon as they discovered it.

Apart from its delightfully sweet taste, raw honey is also revered all over the world owing to its medicinal properties. Ancient medicinal texts mention it frequently.

The Vedic civilization thought of it as one of nature’s most wonderful gifts to mankind. Traditional ayurvedic texts recommend the use of raw honey to improve digestion. Raw honey was also one of the main ingredients in traditional Egyptian medicine. Similarly, the Greeks were also aware of the miraculous properties of raw honey. Hippocrates, the ancient Greek physician prescribed it as a remedy for pain. Ancient Assyrian, Roman, and Chinese texts also recognise the healing prowess of honey.

Honey has a special place in the Islamic tradition as well. It is recommended as a superfood that keeps the body active and healthy. Avicenna, the ancient Persian physician, also recommended raw honey as a cure for many ailments.

Raw Honey Benefits

Raw honey is rich in many amazing nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants all of which promote good health and well-being. Not only does it taste heavenly, but it is also a concentrated blend of vitamins, trace minerals, simple sugars, and other micronutrients.

Raw honey has more health benefits compared to processed honey because it is rich in natural compounds and pollen content.

Here are some of the main benefits of raw organic honey:

  • Strong antioxidant and antibacterial - Research has found that raw honey has more potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
  • Natural Ointment - apply raw organic honey to an infected or burned area. The cooling sensation and natural elements bring comforting healing benefits.
  • Balance Blood Glucose - Unlike your average everyday sugar, raw honey has much less glucose and sucrose content which makes it an ideal treat for diabetics.
  • Heals stomach ulcers - the cooling temperature of honey can tame and treat hot infections/areas in the body.
  • Treat chronic cough - Raw organic honey is a natural cough suppressant especially for children over 2 years of age
  • Boosts the immune system - the unique antioxidant and antibacterial properties help improve the immune system by ridding toxic buildup in the bloodstream.
  • Clears acne - Due to honey’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce and rid the appearance of acne that is triggered by a buildup of bacteria under the skin.
  • An alternative to combat unhealthy sweet cravings - This is due in part to honey being low in calories, sucrose, and glucose. An increase in unhealthy calories due to processed foods and sugar can lead to more consumption because the body does not absorb these sugars to provide sustainability. Honey can curb the need for constant sugar in the body by balancing out glucose in the system.

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Organic Raw Honey by Nature’s Blends

Take a walk through our raw honey shop to experience raw honey at its best. To create our lineup, we spent years exploring the delightful world of organic honey.

Our quest to find the finest raw honey nature had to offer took us everywhere. From the quiet forests of Romania to the wild bush of New Zealand and the vast Yemenis plains, we have gone everywhere to curate the best raw organic honey and bring it to you in the UK.

Whether you are looking for thick honey you can use as healthy sweeteners or you want to buy milder floral varieties of raw honey, we have got you covered:

  • Chestnut Honey
  • Thyme Honey
  • Fir Tree Honey
  • Lime Honey
  • Wild Forest Honey
  • Acacia Honey
  • Black Seed and Manuka Honey
  • Pure Sidr Honey

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Why Pick Nature’s Blends?

We started our journey by scouting the world and hand-selecting the finest ingredients nature had to offer to create our diverse range of natural products.

We believe that the best way to consume natural products is to have them raw. Processing or refining extracts can rob them of their potent properties and natural goodness.

That is why all the items in our raw honey shop are naturally sourced and prepared with love and care. Our products are 100% natural, raw and unprocessed. We add no artificial preservatives or additives to them.

At Nature’s Blends, we are passionate about bringing you the finest nature has to offer. That is why we work hard to make sure that every organic product we deliver to your doorstep is of topmost quality and purity.

About Nature’s Blends

Nature’s Blends started as a vision to bring to people the best nature had to offer. We spent years intimately exploring nature and understanding age-old traditions to create a diverse line-up of products with wondrous health benefits.

We take our pledge of bringing you the finest nature has to offer very seriously: that’s why we combine modern innovation with age-old wisdom to send you products that support good health and holistic well-being.

Our passionate approach, gentle processing methods, and evergreen commitment to bringing you only the best have made us one of the leading suppliers of organic products in the UK.

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