Top 7 Health Benefits of Hemp CBD Oil

Author: Yusuf Wasway,

Posted on August 30 2019


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In this time and age, we find ourselves drawn to natural remedies, herbal healing and traditional knowledge.

Apple Cider Vinegar had its share of fame because of its wonderful health benefits. Then came black seed oil, a health-promoting concoction used copiously in the East to cure multiple ailments.

And now, we simply cannot get enough of organic Cannabidiol (CBD) oil!

In the UK, hemp CBD oil is hard to miss. You will find it everywhere; in drugstores, cosmetics, pet care products, smoothies - even in scented candles.

If the CBD craze puzzles you, worry not, we have got your back. Today, we will delve into CBD oil, its history, legal status, potential benefits (uses) and side effects.

Read on to know more about the mind-blowing therapeutic properties of this plant-derived oil!

What is Hemp CBD Oil?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of the 108 natural compounds (cannabinoids) packed in the leaves and blooms of the Cannabis Sativa (mostly industrial hemp) plant.

Hemp plants are highly absorbent so deriving pure hemp CBD from them is nothing short of a challenge. Every step of the production chain requires extra care and attention. Hemp plants require a specific type of fertile soil that is free of any contaminants or pollutants. Environmental considerations and cultivation techniques also hold paramount importance.

To obtain organic CBD oil, hemp plants are first cultivated with love, care, and tenderness. Then, during the flowering season, the blooming shrubs are gingerly examined and selected for CBD harvest. During this phase, the perfect flowers are handpicked, plucked and then air-dried.

A content separation method is then chosen in order to derive pure CBD from the dried-up flowers. Solvent-based separation techniques are popular in this regard, but the purest CBD can be obtained using the CO2 separation method.

The CO2 method makes use of pressured carbon dioxide to separate the chemical compounds present in various parts of the plant. This technique is particularly effective because it allows for the retention of full-spectrum cannabinoids while completely removing toxins, residual pollutants, and contaminants from the CBD.

The separated CBD content is then diluted with a mild carrier oil such as hemp seed oil to prepare organic CBD oil.

Brief History of CBD Oil

Hemp plants, from which we later learned to derive organic CBD oil, have been with us for very long. Historical records reveal that hemp cultivation was discovered in a small village in Taiwan about 12,000 years ago.

In ancient China, hemp was a plant that held a lot of economic importance. It was one of the primary cash crops in the region and clothes, ropes and other commodities were produced using hemp. According to records, the Chinese were also the first ones to use hemp or Cannabis medicinally and realise its curative potential. This happened back in 2,900 BC.

It is said that the ancient Chinese Emperor Sheng Nung was very fond of freshly brewed Cannabis tea. He took it routinely to improve his memory and combat several illnesses like malaria and gout.

From China, Cannabis made its way to Europe and we have the Romans to thank for that. The Roman Empire, at the time, was flourishing and so they set their eyes on Asia where they set several base camps. When the Roman troops entered China, they found sprawling acres of emerald hemp fields. Captivated by the charm and potential of Cannabis, they took the saplings to Italy.

Pedacius Dioscorides, a noteworthy Greek physician, also accompanied the Romans on their voyage to China. Dioscorides collected hemp strains on his way and documented up to 600 various strains of hemp in his book ‘Materia Medica’ (materials of medicine) and recorded their powerful replenishing properties. Meanwhile, in the Americas, the native Indian population made ample use of Cannabis extracts for healing purposes and spiritual ceremonies.

It is also said that Queen Victoria of Great Britain used to apply hemp CBD oil to alleviate pain and soothe herself during menstrual cramps.

Contemporary interest in the curative potential of CBD developed in the early 19thcentury when researchers and scientists began exploring the make-up, chemical structure and therapeutic properties of hemp CBD. By the early 1960s scientists got the chemical composition of CBD right and by mid-1970’s the British pharmacopeia was already interested in using CBD oil in medicinal tinctures.

Cannabidiol Oil vs Marijuana

Though extracted from Cannabis Sativa, CBD is non-psychoactive. This means that CBD does not create a mind-altering high and is legal in many countries owing to its medicinal properties.

The ‘high’ is caused by another cannabinoid present in the Cannabis Sativa plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is often used recreationally to obtain a buzz.

Both THC and CBD are extracted from the same plant species. However, industrial hemp is used in the production of organic CBD oilbecause it has a higher concentration of CBD and low THC content. Most CBD products contain negligible levels of THC (less than 0.3%).

Marijuana blooms, in contrast, contain higher levels of THC and lower CBD content. Due to its psychoactive properties, marijuana is illegal in many parts of the world.

Is CBD Oil Legal in the UK?

CBD oil and related products are legal and readily available in the United Kingdom. CBD oil that has been extracted from industrial strains of hemp and contains less than 0.2% THC content is completely legal and safe for consumption because it is non-psychoactive, unlike THC which is a controlled cannabinoid.

Benefits of CBD Oil

Both empirical research and experiential accounts have hinted that organic CBD oil may have several therapeutic properties. However, more research is required to fully explore the replenishing potential of this herbal oil.

Here are some of the research-backed potential benefits of CBD oil:

  • CBD Oil for Pain:

CBD oil was traditionally used as a pain relief remedy in various parts of the world. Turns out our ancestors were not wrong. Research on the subject has revealed that CBD oil can substantially reduce swelling because of its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD oil may also help in reducing chronic and neuropathic pain, without incurring any additional side-effects.

CBD balms and massage creams may also be beneficial for arthritic individuals. An extensive study published in the European Journal of Pain recorded the effects of a topical CBD balm on arthritic rats. The research concluded that the affected rats showed lesser signs of pain and inflammation after CBD was administered to them.  

  • CBD Oil for Mental Health

Not only is CBD oil good for the body but it may also be great for our minds. CBD oil is said to have relaxing properties and there are historical accounts that back this up. Our ancestors used to ingest the oil to relax, calm down and become more mindful.

CBD oil may help individuals suffering from anxiety, depression, and distress. A study was conducted to examine the effects of CBD oil for anxiety. In the study, 24 participants were given either CBD supplements or placebos and then assigned a public speaking activity. The participants who had taken CBD oil supplements reported less social anxiety, discomfort, and distress. The study concluded that using CBD oil for anxiety may help.

CBD mimics the body’s natural endocannabinoids which regulate sleep, manage stress and control appetite. Many people with insomnia, REM sleep irregularities, and depression report that using CBD oil regularly helped them unwind and fall asleep. However, more extensive research is required to confirm this.

  • CBD Oil for Skin

Organic CBD oil is packed with natural nutrients and beneficial compounds, some of which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The rich terpene and flavonoid content of CBD infused products makes them ideal for skincare.

CBD balms are also used by people with sensitive skin to reduce redness and puffiness. Moreover, CBD rich products reduce the sebum levels in our skin and decrease the chances of acne breakouts. CBD oil also contains hemp seed oil which is a wonderful skin moisturiser.

  • CBD Oil for Heart Health

CBD oil may also be healthy for your heart. It benefits the heart and our circulatory system by reducing the blood pressure and keeping it stable.

In a recent study, 9 healthy men were administered placebos or approximately 600 mg of CBD oil. The study found that the men who were given CBD oil had a low resting blood pressure compared to the control group that was given placebos. The men were then assigned stress tasks which typically increased blood pressure. It was found that the men who had taken CBD oil had lower blood pressure compared to the control group.

Another study conducted on diabetic rats found that CBD supplements decreased oxidative stress and prevented heart damage.

  • Diabetes and CBD oil

Evidence for the effects of CBD oil on diabetic patients is also solely derived from animal studies so more human-based research is required to analyse the exact effects of CBD supplements. A study conducted on diabetic rats found that regular CBD-rich treatment reduced inflammation and the onset of diabetes by 56 percent.

  • CBD Oil as a Substance Abuse Remedy

CBD oil has also shown promise for individuals attempting to quit smoking and other addictive drugs. A preliminary study, published in Addictive Behaviors, stated that smokers who used inhalers with CBD liquid smoked lesser cigarettes and had lesser nicotine cravings.

Another study found that CBD oil and related products could have relaxing effects on people with opioid addiction disorders. The rationale behind these findings is that CBD modifies certain brain circuits linked with drug addiction and withdrawal. Studies conducted on rats found that CBD supplements decreased heroin seeking behaviour and morphine dependence.

Side Effects of CBD Oil

While most people do not have a reaction to CBD oil, some may experience side effects such as fatigue, diarrhoea  irregular appetite, nausea, irritability, and weight deflections. Scientists are yet to discover the long-term effects of CBD oil on the hormone levels in the body.

Using CBD oil or any CBD products in conjunction with medication might interfere with the efficiency of the medicines. That is why we recommend that you consult your general physician before incorporating CBD oil, supplements or products in your daily routine.

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